Fer, Fnx Reportedly Looking To Join FalleN, Coldzera


Fer, Fnx Reportedly Looking to Join FalleN, Coldzera in Brazilian Superteam

Is this the revival of the former Luminosity Gaming / SK Gaming roster?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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As per reports, Brazilian CS:GO legends fer, fnx, FalleN, coldzera might be coming together to form the supposed Brazilian superteam.
The last member of this reported Brazilian CS:GO roster is still unknown, but the community members think it might just turn out to be TACO.
This quartet is the same as the former Luminosity Gaming and later the SK Gaming roster that won two Major titles.

The claims about the arrival of a Brazilian superteam has picked up some serious steam, with recent reports pointing towards a revival of the former Luminosity Gaming and SK Gaming roster.

It seems both Lincoln "fnx" Lau and Fernando "fer" Alvarenga are in talks with Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and Marcelo "coldzera" David for the creation of a star Brazilian CS:GO team, as reported by Jaxon.

This comes just a day after it was reported that the latter two players are actively searching for an esports organization that would be ready to pick up a Brazilian lineup for the 2022 competitive season.

Report: FalleN, coldzera in talks with fnx, fer to pick up where they left off

This is huge or maybe not, considering that the quartet of player are Brazilian CS:GO legends but some of them have been away from the competitive scene for way too long.

FalleN, coldzera, fnx, fer were last together on the SK Gaming lineup in February 2017 and before that on the Luminosity Gaming roster until July 2016. The lineup does have two Major titles under its belt and is the most successful Brazilian team, playing a huge hand in bringing the region to a global stage.

However, fer has been absent from the Tier-1 circuit for almost a year now where as fnx never really recovered after moving to Immortals back in 2017. So even if the Brazilian lineup was to come together as per the reports, it would be far from a Brazilian superteam.

Also, any organization that would pick this roster would only be getting coldzera and fnx for free, the other two players would need to be bought out.

Fer signed to 00 Nation in October last month, where as FalleN's contract with Team Liquid is reportedly set to expire at the end of 2022, meaning he is not going on a free transfer anytime soon.

FalleN will remain a part of Team Liquid until 2022

In addition to all this, the last player of the lineup is still unknown. The community thinks that Epitácio "TACO" de Melo is the obvious last member, considering what the players are going for. But even he is currently signed to GODSENT and would require a buyout, in case he turns out to be the missing piece.

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