ESL Grants Shroud Permission to Co-Stream The Final Matches of IEM Cologne 2021

Shroud will be co-streaming the semifinals and finals of IEM Cologne 2021.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>ESL Grants Shroud Permission To Co-Stream The Final Matches Of IEM Cologne 2021</p></div>
ESL Grants Shroud Permission To Co-Stream The Final Matches Of IEM Cologne 2021


Shroud has been granted permission by ESL to co-stream the semifinals and finals of IEM Cologne 2021.
This comes just a day after Shroud had casually asked on Twitter if he could co-stream the tournament.
Shroud will be streaming the following matches: Semifinals - G2 vs Astralis, Na'Vi vs FaZe, and the Grand Finals which will be a best-of-five series.

One of the biggest and most popular streamers in the world, Michael "shroud" Grzesiek has been granted permission by ESL to co-stream the remainder of the IEM Cologne 2021. The 27-year-old who has more than 9.3 million Twitch followers had casually put forward the question "Cologne co stream this weekend???" on 16th July, only to be granted the privilege a day later. Shroud will be streaming a total of three matches, the two semifinal matches scheduled to take place today and the grand finals tomorrow. This is great for the tournament viewership which has so far clocked a peak of 451,762 concurrent viewers, along with an average concurrent viewership of 204,973.

Shroud Given Permission to Co-Stream IEM Cologne 2021 by ESL

Shroud is an active member of the esports community, especially Counter-Strike as he has quite the history with North American organization, Cloud9. Despite a short lived competitive career in CS:GO spanning just four years from 2013-2017, Shroud managed to become one of the most recognized faced from the region.

Though more recently Shroud has been heavily invested in Valorant, co-streaming multiple tournaments while himself indulging in the game on a regular basis, it seems the Canadian streamer is still attracted towards CS:GO.

Shroud easily clocks a viewership of more than 100,000 concurrent viewers when co-streaming Valorant tournaments, and CS:GO community members predict that a similar response could be achieved when it comes to the IEM Cologne 2021 co-stream.

Shroud VCT Views on Valorant Co-Streams

The official announcement by ESL was made earlier today, but it all started with the release of 'IEM Cologne - Fragments' which is a two-minute video created by ESL consisting of various incredible moments from different editions of IEM Cologne.

One clip used in this video featured Shroud and this prompted the Twitch streamer to reach out and casually ask ESL if he could co-stream IEM Cologne 2021. Well, the permission was granted a day later with Shroud stating "Its been a while. Let's have some fun!!"

The community had a mixed reaction with some teasing Shroud for some of his recent critical remarks and statements against CS:GO, while others were pleased to see him turn his attention towards the game once again.

The schedule for Shroud's stream is as follows,

  • 17th July, Saturday

    19:30 IST - G2 vs Astralis

    22:45 IST - Natus Vincere vs FaZe

  • 18th July, Sunday

    19:30 IST - Grand Final (BO5)

All those interested in watching Shroud's stream on Twitch can do so by 'Clicking Here'.

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