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Shroud is Reportedly Joining 'Old Guys Club' to Compete in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
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Shroud may be returning to competitive esports with other former CS:GO players.
He is reportedly participating in the upcoming NA Valorant Champions Tour Open Qualifiers.
The players may be competing under the 'Old Guys Club' banner which was created back in 2018.

Update: Shroud confirms that he is looking to participate in the VCT Open Qualifiers

Shroud has confirmed that he is looking to participate in the Valorant Champions Tour. The streamer is currently trying to get CS:GO Major winner Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik onboard to be a part of the Old Guys Club. He is trying to get a squad together and register for the next NA Valorant Champions Tour Open Qualifiers.

After years of content creation, Shroud is planning to return to the competitive scene according to esports reporter, Jake Lucky. He reported that Shroud and other former pro players are thinking about “messing around” at the Valorant Champions Tour Open Qualifiers. Sean, n0thing, Dicey and Shroud are potential players who might be competing together once again under the ‘Old Guys Club’ banner. While there are no official confirmations from any of the potential players yet, fans are excited at the prospect of seeing Shroud compete once again. The North America VCT Open Qualifiers are set to kick off on 2nd July and we may see Shroud in competitive Valorant for the first time ever.

Who will be competing with Shroud at the NA Valorant Champions Tour Open Qualifiers

Shroud is reportedly competing with the ‘Old Guys Club’, a team that was formed back in 2018 by retired CS:GO professionals. The team was created just to play for fun at ESEA events and the last time the players competed was in April 2019. According to a leaked image, Shawn 'ShawnBM' was asking Quan 'Dicey' Tran to compete at the upcoming NA Valorant Champions Tour Open Qualifiers which will take place later this month.

The team is set to potentially include:

  • Shawn 'ShawnBM'

  • Quan 'Dicey' Tran

  • Sean 'Seangares' Gares

  • Jordan 'Nothing' Gilbert

  • Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek

It will be interesting to see how these former pro CS:GO players fare against NA’s best teams, competing in the Valorant Champions Tour. Riot Games’ global Valorant event has entered its third stage and Shroud’s team can still be a part of the final Valorant Champions event which will feature the top seeds from Valorant Masters 1,2, and 3.

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