EliGE Talks About CS:GO Operation Riptide: Gameplay Changes


EliGE Talks About CS:GO Operation Riptide: Weapon Changes and Droppable Utility

Team Liquid's rifler shared his thoughts on multiple changes introduced to CS:GO.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Team Liquid rifler EliGE shares his thoughts on all the gameplay changes introduced with Operation Riptide.
EliGE thinks that the M4A1-S is now better than both M4A4 and AUG across all categories, even suggesting some price changes to balance it out.
He is excited about the droppable utility change and all the new strategies that teams are going to develop around it. He even shares his biggest criticism of the feature.

Team Liquid ace rifler Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski shared his thoughts on Operation Riptide and the multitude of gameplay changes that came along with it. He specifically spoke about the buffed CT-sided rifle M4A1-S and the meta defining feature of utility now becoming a droppable commodity, similar to weapons. The 24-year-old even went on to give his biggest criticism of the grenade dropping feature, something that the CS:GO community has already managed to exploit to quite an extent.

Members of the CS:GO community, appreciated EliGE's concise analysis of the entire update while agreeing to how most of these changes would impact competitive Counter-Strike at a professional level.

EliGE shares his thoughts on gameplay changes introduced with Operation Riptide

EliGE started working on his YouTube channel five months ago, constantly pushing out informative content along with some frag compilations. The channel has received a positive response from the CS:GO community, with more than 53,000 users currently subscribed to it.

Sharing his thoughts on the gameplay changes that came along with Operation Riptide, EliGE had the following to say.

Vision After Getting Fragged

In regards to competitive CS:GO, he explained that players would have to be attentive and pass on the information to their teammates quickly after getting fragged. So teams would be required to have clear lines of communication.

M4A1-S Buff

The lone ignored CT-sided rifle in EliGE's opinion will be the new favourite as it currently beats out the M4A4 in all regards.

  1. M4A1-S is $200 cheaper than M4A4.

  2. M4A1-S takes four body shot to take the opponent down irrespective of the range while M4A4 takes five.

  3. M4A1-S has a better recoil pattern and is hence easier to control when spraying.

  4. M4A1-S equipped with a silencer makes it a bit harder for enemies to decipher where they are being fired from.

EliGE sharing opinion on repricing of CT rifles in CS:GO

Deagle Nerf

EliGE is excited about the Deagle nerf as it now takes three body shots to take down an enemy player, taking away its pocket shotgun ability. With this nerf he also hopes to see an increase in the buy rate of CZ75 and Five-SeveN again.

Dust 2 Mid Wall

Talking about this change EliGE shows how a better CT spawn can now help the defending team get a better position in 'Mid'. He also spoke about the CT-side making more plays towards 'Mid' and 'Lower Tunnel' which will make gameplay on the map more interesting.

Droppable Utility

EliGE straight up said that he thinks this is a good change which will make for some new and unique strategies. However, he did say that this opinion might change in the future but for now "it is good to have something overall different".

Talking about his biggest criticism when it comes to this change, EliGE states that,

I think overall for both sides, you are going to be seeing a lot of misdirection and it is going to be hard to read the game. I think that might be like the biggest criticism that I might have for the nade change, what setup are the CTs in, which side is weak right now, where have they used all their utility, you are not going to know.
Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski

An interesting addition by EliGE was the discussion of a low HP player going forward in a tactical capacity where the team might still use the low HP player for entry by stacking up that player with utility to open up different strategies.

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