El1an Had Received Offers From G2, Liquid, ENCE In The Past


El1an Had Received Offers From G2, Liquid, ENCE in the Past

Should he have pounced on those opportunities?!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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El1an has been transfer-listed by Entropiq following a mutual agreement between the two parties.
Earlier this year, El1an had received offers from multiple top CS:GO organizations like G2 Esports, Team Liquid, and ENCE.
El1an has already spoken about his future plans and is taking some time off from the competitive circuit.

Entropiq transfer-listed Aleksey "El1an" Gusev yesterday on 15th September, a decision that was mutually decided upon by the two parties involved.

The 23-year-old shared that this was the right move to make which would benefit everyone involved, because he had not been performing well since the past six months and it would also be refreshing for everyone else on the team to play with someone new.

El1an did go on to share his plans for the future, but in a separate statement provided to Metaratings the Russian AWPer revealed that there was a time when he had received offers from G2 Esports, ENCE, and Team Liquid.

El1an talks about the time he had received offers from G2, ENCE, and Liquid

El1an might be running a bit low on fumes at this point in time. He is taking some time off from the competitive circuit, up until the IEM Rio Major 2022, to get things in order and then return to the grind once again. He made a promise as well stating,"I'll be back stronger than I ever was."

However, there was a time earlier this year when El1an was in high demand as he had received offers from international teams like G2 Esports, ENCE, and Team Liquid.

"It's true that G2 kept an eye on me, but the organizations [Entropiq and G2] didn't find an agreement. Objectively, Ilya (m0NESY) is stronger than me, plus he has media value, so I think it was 50/50 there anyway, and considering that my buyout was costly, the choice fell on Ilya," said El1an, while adding that, "ENCE and Liquid were also interested in me, but I chose to stick with Entropiq."

Back then Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov was a newcomer in the top-tier scene, but after seeing how he has performed over the course of this season, El1an should be proud of the fact that he was being considered alongside this new talent to join G2 Esports.

Even ENCE and Liquid could have fared well with him, but the Russian himself took the decision to stick with Entropiq and work hard to achieve more with the organization.

Unfortunately, things did not pan out as he would have wanted them to, but at least El1an has a clear idea of how he wants to proceed going ahead.

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