ZywOo Shares Why He Likes Playing PC Games - CS:GO, Hearthstone, Rocket League

There is more than one love interest for this French gamer.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent interview, ZywOo spoke about his love for video games and why he never gets tired of playing games.
ZywOo revealed why he loves to play Rocket League so much, having accumulated more than 500 hours in the game.

One of the finest CS:GO players in the world, Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut, is in a league of his own and probably the only player in the current circuit who is constantly compared to Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev.

The 21-year-old is a hard worker both inside and outside the server, having improved upon his English vastly which has helped him gain confidence during interviews, something he used to constantly shy away from.

While he has improved as a player and transformed his personality, ZywOo's love for PC games and video games in general has not diminished at all.

"Oh no, I’m not getting tired, actually. I don’t know. I just like to play other games," he said during an interview with CS.Money.

ZywOo talks about his love for video games like CS:GO, Hearthstone, and Rocket League

The French juggernaut has been competing at the highest level of competitive CS:GO for more than six years and he is still motivated to play the game like his first day.

Not just CS:GO, but video games in general are a big part of his life, "I need to play video games and I have no idea why I need to play them. I just like it," said ZywOo, trying to figure what it is that actually made him never get tired of gaming.

Apart from CS:GO, he likes to play Hearthstone and Rocket League among other titles, going on to reveal that prior to the interview he was actually playing Hearthstone just to chill and pass some time.

He believes this fondness for gaming comes to him naturally because he was introduced to it very young. He started playing CS:GO at the age of only seven years old.

Rocket League is another title that ZywOo thoroughly enjoys playing when taking a break from CS:GO and he has invested more than 500 hours in this game, "I like it because I was playing with a friend, and what I liked about this game was that it has competition because we needed to play for a rank and do calls, but it was also very relaxing because if I lost, I didn’t care."

Despite dabbling in multiple video game titles, ZywOo stays committed to CS:GO as he concluded by saying that right now his focus completely lies on CS:GO as Team Vitality still needs to climb back to the top level.

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