Dosia, Mou To Form New CS:GO Team Under Forward Gaming


Dosia and Mou to Form New CS:GO Team Under Forward Gaming

The CIS legends are all set to compete once again.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Major winning duo Dosia and mou are set to compete in CS:GO again with a new roster.
In a recent Russian interview, Dosia revealed that this upcoming CS:GO roster will be signed by North American organization Forward Gaming.
The experienced Dosia and mou will be joined by three other lesser known players xiELO, M1kami, and eLa1z.

CS:GO Major winners, Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov and Rüstem "mou" Telepov, are all set for a return to the competitive circuit once again with a new roster. The experienced duo have already set a team which consists of three other little-known players and it seems that this lineup will be signed by the North American esports organization, Forward Gaming.

A few days ago, Dosia during an interview with the popular Russian streamer Alexey "PCH3LK1N" Pchelkin on the regional livestreaming platform WASD, revealed the details about his upcoming CS:GO project which is currently facing significant delays due to difficulties with the registration of the team.

Major winners Dosia and Mou all to compete in CS:GO once again with a new roster

Dosia and mou are a legendary duo from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region who were part of the historic Gambit Esports roster that won the PGL Major Kraków 2017.

Recent photo shared by Dosia from PGL Major Krakow 2017

Over the next couple of years their performance slowly declined and they started competing in the regional tier-two scene with different CS:GO teams. They were last seen competing in 2021, Dosia in December with a team called 'Free TON Team', and mou in October with the Kazakhstani esports organization K23.

After a break of roughly seven and nine months respectively, Dosia on 10th July announced plans for their new CS:GO project during a Russian interview that he had attended.

"We don't have a name for the team yet, but we already have an organization. We have not yet made a final decision. Not the players, but the organization, that is. It's American Forward Gaming. It had one of the strongest Dota 2 lineups in 2018-2019," revealed Dosia, "Moreover, our guys also played there. Very famous guys played there and now the club reached out to us. It's not a secret, but now a lot of delays and difficulties can arise with the registration of the team."

Note: The above statement was originally in Russian and it has been translated by Blix.

Forward Gaming, is a North American esports organization that will be venturing into competitive CS:GO for the very first time. It was founded in September 2018 and has predominantly featured a professional Dota 2 roster, now branching out into a completely different title since closing down in July 2019.

Dosia did mention that the official announcement is yet to be made as some legal issues remain to be clarified, following which the news will be made public.

He also named the three other members that will be completing their upcoming CS:GO lineup,

  • Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov

  • Rüstem "mou" Telepov

  • Vladislav "xiELO" Lisov

  • Alisher "M1kami" Masakbay

  • Ilya "eLa1z" Aitov

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