Mertz Might Return To CS:GO After 3 Month Stint In Valorant


Danish Player Mertz Might Return to CS:GO After 3 Month Stint in Valorant

Building up from the bottom once again.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Mertz might return to CS:GO once again after a short stint in Valorant along with Team Heretics.
Mertz had last competed in CS:GO professionally in August 2021 along with Nordavind.
As per reports, mertz might join The Prodigies and work his way up the ladder from there.

Former Danish CS:GO player, Daniel "mertz" Mertz, might return to the Valve shooter after a short stint in Valorant that only lasted for about three months with the Spanish esports organization - Team Heretics.

The 24-year-old had bid farewell to his professional CS:GO career in January earlier this year after spending more than five months as an inactive player on Nordavind. He switched to Valorant as part of Team Heretics.

Unfortunately, the plan did not pan out as expected for the Danish player who was once again dropped from the team's active roster, having spent only three months with the team.

Now, a report from neL has surfaced claiming that mertz is once again planning on competing in CS:GO and could allegedly join the academy team The Prodigies with an aim to grind his way back to the top.

Report: Mertz might return to CS:GO following his short stint in Valorant

Danish esports athlete, mertz, had started competing professionally in CS:GO around 2015 and during the course of his initial career went on to play for top teams like North, Heroic, Team Singularity, Copenhagen Flames, x6tence, and Nordavind.

Through the years, mertz was able to work his way up the ladder but never got the opportunity to break into the upper echelons of CS:GO. A slump in performance alongside Nordavind in 2021 resulted in him being moved to the inactive roster, where he stayed for five months before deciding to switch to Valorant.

Mertz made the switch in January 2022, joining Team Heretics and competing in Valorant with them for roughly three months. During this time he competed in two tournaments - VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage Demotion and VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage 1.

In late March, mertz requested Heretics to allow him to explore other options and announced his inactivity as the organization granted him permission to scout new offers.

This was the first time the Dane had mentioned his desire of returning to CS:GO again, "I'm more motivated than ever to return to CS:GO and prove what I'm capable of."

Mertz after getting benched by Heretics

Since then, mertz has continued to remain an inactive player with Team Heretics but finally seven months later a report has surfaced associating him with a move to The Prodigies.

While no official statements have been released by any of the parties involved, if true, this could be a great way for mertz to kick start his career in CS:GO once again.

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