CS:GO Players That Have Participated In Every Major So Far


CS:GO Veterans Club - Players That Have Participated in All 16 Majors

A list of players that have participated in every CS:GO Major.

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A total of 15 CS:GO Majors have been conducted so far since DH Winter 2013, with PGL Major Stockholm 2021 being the 16th.
The upcoming PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will be featuring the largest ever prize pool for a CS:GO Major - $2,000,000 USD.
There are only five CS:GO players that are a part of the 'All Majors Club', having attended every single one of them so far.

All the 24 teams have been finalized for the upcoming PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The event will feature a total prize pool of $2,000,000 USD and is scheduled to take place from 26th Oct to 7th Nov 2021. All important details about the event have been released by PGL, leading fans to eagerly await the first Major in over two years, which shall soon kick off at the Avicii Arena.

While there will be many new faces competing at the tournament, a few experienced players will also be present, some of which will be playing their 16th consecutive CS:GO Major. Listed ahead are the five veterans who have played in all the Majors that have been conducted so far. The Majors go back all the way to DreamHack Winter 2013, which had also taken place at Sweden.

CS:GO players that have participated in all the Majors announced by Valve so far

The first CS:GO Major was held at DreamHack Winter 2013, which featured a $250,000 USD prize pool and took place in Jönköping, Sweden. Since then, 14 CS:GO Majors have been conducted, the most recent being StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 in Germany.

The upcoming PGL Major Stockholm 2021 is the 16th Major, all set to take place in Stockholm for the first time ever. This event will mark the return of the Major back to Sweden after seven years, the last one being DreamHack Winter 2014.

Over the years many champions have been crowned as many teams have come and gone, but there are a few handpicked CS:GO players that have survived the test of time, competing in every single one of these Majors.

The five CS:GO players that continue to remain in the 'All Majors Club' are,

  • Richard "shox" Papillon

    The 29-year-old French rifler is known for his lurking skills and the ability to clutch a high percentage of wins for his side. He has played for multiple big time French organizations over the years. These were Epsilon, VeryGames, LDLC, and even G2 Esports, currently competing with Team Vitality alongside the CS:GO prodigy Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut.

Shox - Team Vitality

  • Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth

    The 26-year-old is one of the highest-earning CS:GO players in the world, having won multiple Majors along with Astralis. He is popularly known as the 'Clutch Minister' within the CS:GO community, due to his outstanding ability to win even in the worst possible situations and setups.

    He will be a part of Astralis' roster going into this Major, however, it is unclear if he will be actively competing or not.

Xyp9x - Astralis

  • Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen

    Another member of the Astralis core, the 28-year-old entry fragger will be a part of Astralis' core roster at the upcoming Stockholm Major. He has already won four Major titles out of the 15 that he has attended so far, which equates to an incredible 26.66% of all the CS:GO Majors that have ever been conducted.

Dupreeh - Astralis

  • Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz

    One of the best CS:GO AWPers in the world along with being the player with the most number of MVP awards to his name, dev1ce, has already won four Majors and will be looking to win his fifth with the new organization NIP (Ninjas in Pyjamas).

Device - Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer Gustafsson

    A true veteran of the game, olofmeister has stood the test of time. He has been one of the best players in the world and still continues to deliver strong performances. He has most notably played for Fnatic in the past, but now continues to play for FaZe Clan since joining them in August 2017.

Olofmeister - FaZe Clan

All five of these players will be seen at the upcoming PGL Major Stockholm 2021, continuing their 100% attendance at the biggest tournament that the game has to offer since November 2013.

NAVI's former captain and one of the best IGL's from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region, Danylo Ihorovych "Zeus" Teslenko, also deserves an honorable mention because had he not retired from the game, the above list would have carried six names today.

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