CS:GO Utility Update Introduces New Ways Of Faking Flashes, Smokes, Executes


CS:GO Utility Update Introduces New Ways of Faking Flashes, Smokes, Executes

The community is proving how this change is meta defining!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The new CS:GO update introduced a huge gameplay change as utility was made droppable similar to weapons.
Community members instantly started checking out new ways to utilise this feature to test the waters.
The outcome is some incredible ways to fake a flash, smoke, or even an execute unlike anything witnessed before in CS:GO.

The new CS:GO update which brought with it Operation Riptide along with a lot of other gameplay changes has been touted as meta defining, especially due to utility now being made droppable similar to weapons. The community inquisitive as ever put on their nerd hats and started finding out new ways to see how this utility change affects the way CS:GO had been played up until now.

Well, some of the stuff that users have come forward with is quite interesting and a bit scary. This is because despite all these moves being really cool and hilarious, it only goes on to prove that the way utility had been used up until this point in CS:GO might completely change going forward.

Let's take a look at some 200 IQ utility fakes that the community members have come up with that is sure to cause a lot of problems in matchmaking.

200 IQ utility fakes in CS:GO that are meta defining

As the utility in CS:GO is now droppable like weapons, following the big update that Valve dropped yesterday. The community has been busy trying out various strats on how this feature can be used to further enhance the overall gameplay.

Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez who is a member of the North American CS:GO team Mythic has presented a simple way to fake enemy players using the drop flashbang feature.

The 20-year-old simply chucks a flashbang up in the air before clearing a corner, but instead of popping an actual flash, JoJo simply drops one on the ground. As both the actions are similar, the enemy thinks that a real flash is being popped and turns around which results in an easy frag.

Another variation of this pseudo flash is sort of like a double fake, as CS:GO allows players to pop an actual flash right after dropping a real flashbang without any delay in animation. This can also make for some really interesting plays in the right situation.

While faking with a flash is one thing, influencing the rotation of the entire defending team to one site by simply chucking a lot of utility is a whole different level of savage.

This is exactly what 'veniuz' did on Mirage, as his team faked an 'A-Site' hit and then fell back to rush the 'B-Site' while the player kept chucking flashbangs one after the other. The enemy team completely fell for the fake and made the rotate, only to gift his side a free plant.

The final trick might not be a the most absurd strat, but if you can make it work it is actually pretty amazing. CS:GO Twitch streamer renyan wanted to pass his teammate, who was holding 'B-Site' on Dust 2, a Molotov to prevent the enemy team from rushing, as only 25 seconds were left on the round clock.

It was impossible to drop the Molotov from 'Mid' to 'B-Site', so the player simply dropped the utility by chucking it high in the air and then shot it with his rifle to fling it all the way to his teammate. This is actually pretty incredible and is sure to become a highlight if you pull it off in a clutch situation.

These are just some of the many incredible, hilarious, insane, or whatever you want to label them, utility tricks that the community has come up with in the last 24 hours.

It just gives us a glimpse into what all is possible with utility now becoming droppable, and with the upcoming CS:GO tournaments being played on the new patch, things are only going to become more interesting.

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