CS:GO Team Forfeits PGL Major Stockholm Qualifier Match As Player Falls Asleep


CS:GO Team Forfeits PGL Major Stockholm Qualifier Match as Player Falls Asleep

Triumph certainly did not live up to their name!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Triumph awarded Evil Geniuses with a free victory on the second day of IEM Fall 2021: North America as their entry fragger slept during match time.
The newest player to join Triumph's CS:GO team, xCeeD, was the one who slept during the scheduled match time, forcing his team to forfeit the match.
Despite the free win EG lost their second match of the day to stand third in the group.

Evil Geniuses (EG) was in for a surprise on the second day of IEM Fall 2021: North America as Triumph forfeited their match against EG due to one of their player's dozing off during the match time. Yes, you heard that right!

Jack "xCeeD" Holiman the newest member to join Triumph was asleep when the match was scheduled to be played, as confirmed by the team's captain Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk. The 21-year-old entry fragger had retired from CS:GO in October 2020, but returned back to the Valve shooter in July earlier this year.

Triumph forfiets their match against Evil Geniuses at IEM Fall 2021: North America

Evil Geniuses went second last in Group-B after a '1-1' finish at the end of the first day of IEM Fall 2021: North America. EG started off strong on the second day due to its awarded forfeit win over Triumph but fell later on.

The reason behind this was xCeeD sleeping during the scheduled start time of the match against EG, 02:30 PM (Pacific Time) on 6th October. As Triumph was already using their registered substitute player Wesley "⁠viz⁠" Harris in place of Brendan "⁠Bwills⁠" Williams, they were unable to field any other temporary player.

This was great news for EG as they got a free victory, moving up a few places in their group to stand '2-1' while Triumph took the loss in the most unprofessional way possible to slide down on the points table.

Triumph somehow managed to recover later in the day, winning their fourth match against 00Nation by a '16-11' scoreline as xCeeD returned from his slumber to register a really poor personal performance.

On the other hand, EG were unable to capitalise on the free victory that they had achieved earlier in the day, losing against GODSENT in their very next match by a '16-11' scoreline.

With the last set of group stage matches left to be played out EG currently stand in the middle of the points table while Triumph are right below them.

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