S1mple Creates And Releases Rap Song With His Brother


CS:GO Star S1mple Releases Rap Song With His Brother Titled 'Esports'

Rap music seems to be the trend amongst CS:GO players!

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The sibling duo of s1mple and Alexey has released a rap music video in Russian titled 'Киберспорт' which translates to Esports.
The rap music video features a collage of clips taken during NAVI's recent tour of Cologne and even features CS:GO gameplay by s1mple.
English translation for the rap music is currently unavailable but it can be found across all major music platforms like Spotify, Apple, and YouTube.

Rap music seems to have taken a hold over CS:GO players, especially those from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region. We have already seen Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhaylov and Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev hanging out with a lot of Russian rappers and even drop a few bars every now and then.

While the former has announced his plans of making rap music without it hindering his CS:GO career in any manner, the latter has actually gone on to create and release a rap song titled 'Esports' along with his brother, Alexey Kostylev - Creative Director of NAVI.

S1mple along with his brother creates and releases a rap song titled 'Esports'

One of the best CS:GO players in the world and NAVI superstar, s1mple, was heard rapping along with his brother Alexey. The sibling duo has released a rap song in Russian titled 'Киберспорт' which translates to Cybersport in English, more popularly known as esports.

The rap also features a well-edited music video, which is nothing but a collage of snaps and clips from their journey along with NAVI to IEM Cologne 2022 in Germany.

However, some segments feature clips that seem to be taken with the intention of being used in such a video, which means quite a bit of planning had gone into the making of this rap from both of them.

Though s1mple can be heard dropping a few bars, he is mostly absent from the video aside from some cinematic shots from a distance as he was traveling as a player and did not have a lot of free time on his hands to engage in other activities.

Also, due to the considerable use of auto-tune and other voice modulation softwares it is not easy to distinguish the parts that have been rapped by s1mple and those by his brother. As per Escore News, s1mple has rapped during the chorus while his brother can be heard during the other parts.

The english translation of the rap is not available so far and even the 'subtites / closed captions' feature is not available for the video. However, it is available across all major music platforms like Spotify, Apple, and YouTube (Alexey Kostylev's personal channel).

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