CS:GO Skins Worth $5 Million Locked Due To Ban By Valve


CS:GO Skins Worth $5 Million Locked as Collector Receives Game Ban by Valve

This is how a fortune turns into a showcase.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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One of the most expensive public CS:GO inventories might get locked forever as the collector received a game ban by Valve.
The inventory contains CS:GO skins worth $5 million USD and belongs to a user who goes by the name of 'SEACAT' on Steam.
The user still has an option to contest this decision and if found not guilty it could be revoked by Valve.

One of the biggest CS:GO skin collectors in the world, SEACAT, with an inventory estimated to be around $5,000,000 USD (INR 39,88,37,500) received a game ban from Valve on 16th September.

This information is reflected on the user's Steam account, preventing them from playing the game online with others and trading items on the platform (Steam Community Market) or through third-party services.

What this means is that, all the skins that were a part of the user's lucrative CS:GO inventory have been potentially locked away forever. However, any user can contact the developer in case they wish to appeal against the game ban, and if revoked the Steam account will return to its earlier state.

CS:GO skins worth $5 million locked due to game ban imposed by Valve against a collector's Steam account

A very unfortunate event has transpired for a CS:GO collector who goes by the name of SEACAT on Steam, potentially crippling his entire skin collection, maybe even locking it away forever.

Valve has imposed a permanent game ban against the user, this has been confirmed as the same is reflected on the collector's account in question and according to Steam, "Only permanent game bans are displayed on the user’s profile. Temporary game bans, or suspensions, are not displayed."

SEACAT Steam account faces game ban

This game ban will prevent the user from "playing online with other players and/or trading items for that game," which in this case is CS:GO. However, the affected user is still free to launch and play the game in offline mode, while also continuing to use Steam without any restrictions.

According to users Gary and Exerpas who brought this information in front of the CS:GO community, a few really expensive items from the locked inventory are as follows,

  • 49 Knives (17 Gems)

  • 31 Gloves (8 Factory New)

  • 5 AWP Dragon Lore (Factory New)

  • 2 Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore (only 17 exist)

  • 4 M4A4 Howl (StatTrak, Factory New, 4 x Kato Holo)

For now, the reason behind this account being handed a game ban has not been revealed or confirmed. The user has a chance to contest this decision and if found not guilty, the decision would be revoked. However, if nothing works out the expensive CS:GO inventory would continue to remain locked forever.

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