CS:GO Releases Initiators Music Kit Box - Complete Details


CS:GO Releases Initiators Music Kit Box With 6 New Tracks: Complete Details

New compositions to vibe while playing!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valve released six new soundtracks for CS:GO earlier today along with the 'Initiators Music Kit box'.
Other changes that rolled out along with the update included some map changes and quality of life upgrades.
Here are the complete details for all the music soundtracks including its current price.

Just a few days after CS:GO turned a decade old, Valve has rolled out a new update for the game which consists of several map changes, a few quality of life upgrades, and six new soundtracks as part of the Initiators Music Kit Box.

This music kit contains six tracks in both regular and StatTrak versions from various artists like 3kliksphilip, Humanity’s Last Breath, Juelz, Knock2, Meechy Darko, and Sullivan King.

Here is a preview of each soundtrack released with the Initiators Music Kit Box, along with any other details that the creators might have provided alongside them.

Here are the complete details for the newly released Initiators Music Kit Box

The six soundtracks that are part of the Initiators Music Kit Box are as follows,

  1. Heading for the Source by 3kliksphilip

  2. Void by Humanity’s Last Breath

  3. Shooters by Juelz

  4. Dashstar by Knock2

  5. Gothic Luxury by Meechy Darko

  6. Lock Me Up by Sullivan King

Heading for the Source | 3kliksphilip

This composition has been made by one of the most popular CS:GO content creators on YouTube, 3kliksphilip. He has a following of more than one million subscribers on the platform and is one of the most beloved creators who constantly engages with the community members.

This soundtrack has been under creation for a long time now, first details of which date back to 26th March 2021 when he attempted to create his first-ever music kit and share it publicly. He went on to make changes as per the feedback from the community and released a second version of his soundtrack almost three months later on 8th June.

Now, more than a year later his hard work has paid off as Valve included his composition titled 'Heading for the Source' in the Initiators Music Kit Box.

Price: $3 to $5 USD on Steam Community Market

Description: "On a quest to go pro, or unintentionally going low? Let this kit’s 80’s synths and dreamy melodies take you back. Back, back, back... to the good old days."

For a detailed sound check click here.

Void | Humanity’s Last Breath

This soundtrack has been composed by a Swedish band which consists of five members and mostly work with or around metal music. The same effects can be experienced through their original work for CS:GO which consists of heavy drums and huge riffs, all of which combined tend to provide quite the rush when playing the game.

Price: $1 to $3 USD on Steam Community Market

Description: "Swedish Band Humanity's Last Breath drops in heavy with their Void Music Kit. Pounding drums, colossal riffs and an atmosphere to send shivers up your spine."

For a detailed sound check click here.

Shooters | Juelz

Juelz Santana is an American rapper who is also a member of a hip hop group called The Diplomats. His current composition for CS:GO is based on the hip hip genre along with a lot of gritty neo synth trap and an awesome piano riff which cannot be missed. Keeping up with the subject of this track a lot of gunfire sound effects have also been added.

Price: $1 to $3 USD on Steam Community Market

Description: "Neo trap synths, gritty 808s, an epic piano riff, and a plethora of gunfire sound effects. The OG trap anthem "Shooters" by Juelz makes for a truly elite Music Kit. Suitable for MVPs only."

For a detailed sound check click here.

Dashstar | Knock2

The music artist from San Diego, California usually dabbles in the genre of music related to dance and electronic. The same can be experienced in this iconic bass house anthem created by him for CS:GO. It is sure to energize any player listening to it while also also creating a refreshing vibe which is always welcome, especially in tense situations.

Price: $10 to $15 USD on Steam Community Market

Description: "Dashstar, the iconic bass house anthem from Knock2, provides non-stop energy that captures the young San Diego native’s mantra, "no limit"."

For a detailed sound check click here.

Gothic Luxury | Meechy Darko

An American rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. This east coast musician who is also a member of hip hop trio Flatbush Zombies, has represented the New York scene through this creation which is really hype and vibrant.

Price: $2 to $4 USD on Steam Community Market

Description: "Grab a Glock and equip this music kit to be transported to the center of New York's underground hip-hop scene."

For a detailed sound check click here.

Lock Me Up | Sullivan King

Sullivan King is an American DJ and heavy metal musician, the same notation can be heard in his latest composition for CS:GO called Lock Me Up. Playing to his strengths hard rock, heavy metal, and dubstep have been mixed together for the creation of this soundtrack which is loud and definitely hits hard.

Price: $10 to $15 USD on Steam Community Market

Description: "Love the chase? Love the hunt? Hard rock, metal, and dubstep collide in Sullivan King's soundtrack for becoming unstoppable."

For a detailed sound check click here.

Initiators Music Kit Box

This is the complete Initiators Music Kit Box and all of them are currently available for purchase individually or through the kit in two different variants - regular and StatTrak.

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