How To Drop Silently From Window To Mid Stairs On Inferno


CS:GO Player Shows How to Drop Silently From Window to Mid Stairs on Inferno

A new trick that CS:GO pros might soon start using on Inferno!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A CS:GO player has discovered a method to drop from 'Window' to 'Mid Stairs' without making any sound on Inferno.
This could be game changing in many ways and can be effectively used in different situations and scenarios to outplay the opponents.
The CS:GO player has shown two different ways of executing this jump successfully and it is up to the users which one would they like to use.

Counter-Strike has been around for more than 20 years, enthralling kids across generations, and being enjoyed by millions of gamers around the world. Yet, players keep discovering new things every other day, as the community continues to marvel at how much more content and information is out there still left to be discovered.

This time a CS:GO user, who goes by the name of 'PatrickFullStar' on Reddit, has shared something marvellous with the community members, that has great potential to be used as part of certain strategies. He has found a way to drop from 'Windows' to 'Mid Stairs' on Inferno without making any sound at all.

A neat little trick that could have various applications during a game, maybe in a clutch situation, as part of a certain execution strategy if playing as Attackers, or a sneak move by one of the defenders who is feeling frisky enough to aggressively attack through 'Second Mid'.

New trick allows CS:GO player to drop from 'Windows' to 'Mid Stairs' on Inferno without making any sound

There are multiple drops in CS:GO, where players have discovered ways to jump down without making a sound, this is a big advantage as everything in the game is based on information and sound is one of the main sources of collecting it.

If no sound is being produced by a player, they have a high chance of reaching a certain site or breaching the CT-sided defence, this is how crucial sound is for obtaining information about the opponent's movement and rotations.

Silent jump from 'Window' to 'Mid Stairs' on Inferno

Now, a player has come forward to find a similar such drop on Inferno where they will be able to drop from 'Windows' to 'Mid Stairs' without making any sounds. This can have a lot of different uses for both CT and T-sided players in different situations and scenarios.

This was the first clip shared by the user, where he can be seen explaining to the community members how they can go about lining up their jump and successfully accomplishing it without making any sounds.

While being appreciated by the entire community, multiple members did point out how the jump was a little bit complex when it came to lining it up and that it might take some serious practice before being able to execute it at proper game speed during the match.

So the user came up with another new and improved method of executing the same jump, this was much simpler making it more effective and viable, especially for the professional or high-level players.

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