CS:GO Fan Tattoos Left Forearm As Tribute To FalleN


CS:GO Fan Pays Tribute to FalleN by Tattooing an Iconic Play On His Arm

The Brazilians are definitely some of the most passionate CS:GO fans.

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A passionate CS:GO fan from Brazil tattooed an iconic play made by FalleN on his left forearm as a tribute to him.
The tattoo is of an AWP with an Asiimov skin is to honour FalleN's 1v4 clutch against NAVI in the semifinals of the IEM Katowice 2016.
The Brazilian fan as part of his tattoo also quoted the famous statement made by popular CS:GO talent MACHINE, “Oh! FalleN stop blowing my mind”.

Counter-Strike is one of the oldest surviving competitive titles which still has a massive fan following. One of the greats from Brazil, a CS:GO veteran and two times Major winner, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, is a huge personality in the South American region.

A Brazilian CS:GO fan showed his dedication towards him by permanently immortalizing an iconic play made by FalleN on his skin. The passionate fan who goes by the name of Jefferson Carvalho tattooed an AWP with an Asiimov skin on his left forearm, the same weapon that was used by the Brazilian godfather in the semifinals of IEM Katowice 2016.

Not only did the fan receive a response from FalleN, but he also ended up going viral across the Brazilian CS:GO community, extending his tribute to popular CS:GO talent Alex "Machine" Richardson by mentioning his famous quote as well “Oh! FalleN stop blowing my mind.”

CS:GO fan goes viral after tattooing FalleN’s iconic AWP play on his arm

Brazil is one of the most passionate regions when it comes to competitive CS:GO and one of the most famous players from the region is FalleN. The 30-year-old is one of the most respected players from the region and was the face of Brazilian Counter-Strike at the peak of his career.

FalleN has played a huge role in shaping the Brazilian Counter-Strike scene and put the region on the map as one that can compete globally. It comes as absolutely no surprise that the local community continues to love and respect him so much, even when he is at the tail end of his career.

Recently a passionate CS:GO fan Carvalho, who seems to be an ardent supporter of FalleN, paid tribute to the Brazilian legend by tattooing an AWP on his left forearm, commemorating one of the most iconic plays made by him during his 18-year career so far.

Brazilian CS:GO fan with the tattoo dedicated to FalleN's iconic play

The above tattoo represents the quad kill that FalleN had taken against Natus Vincere in the semifinals of the IEM Katowice 2016 (IEM X - World Championship 2016). At that point in time, FalleN was playing for Luminosity Gaming and was facing an almost impossible 1v4 situation on the first map Overpass. Despite facing a heavy disadvantage and being armed with just an AWP (Asiimov), FalleN who was playing T-sided went on to secure an incredible clutch, winning the round for his side.

Luminosity proceeded to defeat NAVI on Overpass and the next map Inferno to reach the grand final where they faltered to a mighty Fnatic to walk away as the runners-up at the tournament.

The fan also quoted Machine’s equally iconic line “Oh! FalleN stop blowing my mind,” thanking him for making that moment all the more special with his brilliant commentary. Carvalho also gave a shoutout to his wife, who is the artist behind the now-viral tattoo.

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