Mayor of Stockholm In Support Of CS:GO Major, Highlights Its Positive Effects On Sweden


CS:GO Major Location: No Word From PGL Yet, Will the Event Take Place in Sweden?

PGL continues to remain tight-lipped about the CS:GO Major location despite crossing the reported deadline.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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PGL has not announced publicly their decision on the CS:GO Major location, despite 23rd July being the reported deadline.
The Swedish government has taken steps to comply with both the primary guarantees requested by the organizers of the upcoming Major.
In their last update PGL had stated that they were in touch with two other European countries (unnamed) who had already agreed to their primary requests.

Just yesterday on 23rd July, the Swedish government took a massive step to allow the entry of CS:GO professionals within the country. Following this, it has been reported by that the location of the CS:GO Major - Avicii Arena can take up to 300 people per section which corresponds to a total of about 4,000 audience members, as per the active restrictions as of today 24th July. This means that the Swedish government has now taken care of both the primary demands put forth by PGL, who are the organizers of the upcoming CS:GO Major.

Despite this, PGL has not made any public statements on where the CS:GO Major would be held, despite passing the reported deadline of 23rd July. The current situation has casted doubts in the minds of many that perhaps the Major may not take place in Sweden.

No Word From PGL: Sweden Under Doubt as Host of Upcoming CS:GO Major

Last CS:GO Major - StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

A combined effort by the CS:GO community, Anna König Jerlmyr - Mayor of Stockholm, and the Swedish Esports Association, had resulted in PGL and Valve meeting with Amanda Lind - the Minister for Culture and Democracy.

Following this, the situation quickly developed into PGL coming forward to give an official update on the situation. Here they pointed out that they were in touch with two other European countries who had already agreed to both their primary requests.

  • We need to fly in all the qualified players into Sweden.

  • Entertain a large number of spectators inside the venue.

The Swedish government quickly worked on a solution to comply with PGL's requests and at the moment seemingly have all their bases covered. However, PGL continues to remain tight-lipped about the situation.

The Swedish Esports Association, Ninjas in Pajamas, Godsent, and Lilmix, who were engaged in a dialogue with PGL have reportedly not heard anything new from the organizer since last Sunday.

I hope that PGL makes an overall assessment of the information we have provided to be able to announce that the planning for the CS: GO Major in Stockholm is complete. We view positively that PGL does not make a hasty decision and hope that this only means that they review the information provided.
Sammi Kaidi - Chairman of Swedish Sports Confederation

Sweden chances of retaining Stockholm as the location of the upcoming CS:GO Major was likely boosted yesterday, after it introduced some changes to allow professional CS:GO players to enter Sweden despite the temporary entry ban. However, the lack of communication from PGL regarding this matter has seemingly cast a shadow of doubt on whether the tournament will actually take place in Stockholm.

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