CS:GO Fan Creates An Extended Free Roam Version Of The Iconic Map Nuke


CS:GO Fan Creates an Extended Completely Free-to-Roam Version of Nuke

This version of Nuke can be quite confusing!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A CS:GO content creator, 'Pinsplash' has made a completely free-to-roam version of the map Nuke and it looks fantastic.
Pinsplash has not changed the existing version of Nuke and only modified the existing variant by expanding it internally.
Some highlight changes include allowing players to roam around without any restrictions, adding extra connecting spaces, modifying internal rooms, and even adding an exit.

A CS:GO fan, 'Pinspalsh' has recreated Nuke without changing the way that the map looks or its primary pre-existing design. The way that they were able to accomplish this was by making Nuke a truly free-to-roam map, simply expanding it internally. The user connected all the internal points within the map by making each door and window accessible while doing some light touch-ups here and there. The end result was Nuke being transformed into a sort of modern dungeon where it was easy to get lost, while players have the freedom to move almost anywhere around the map.

CS:GO fan creates a completely free-to-roam version of the iconic map Nuke

Nuke might be a map based around a Nuclear Powerplant, but when playing on the map, it certainly does not feel that immersive simply because of the restrictive design of the map and the game modes for which it is intended.

However, making use of the creative freedom granted to all the users by Valve. A CS:GO fan, 'Pinsplash' has created a completely free-to-roam version of Nuke, that may seem like the original map but has actually given players the liberty to move around unrestricted and explore the powerplant without any limitations.

A few highlight changes introduced by the creator of 'Free Nuke' are as follows,

  • Clip brushes have been added at places along with extra ladders, allowing players to climb on top of surfaces and even make their way to the top of the dome itself.

CS:GO Custom Nuke - Even the dome is accessible

  • The water has been made liquid and even the greenery around the area has been improved.

  • Almost all the doors and windows in the map are now accessible, either by breaking them down or simply unlocking them. This often leads to extra or previously limited areas within the map itself that are well connected to the rest of the areas instead of being isolated.

CS:GO Custom Nuke - Somewhere inside the map

  • There is even a path that has been created that allows players to escape from the map itself.

This is a highly explorable custom map and most of the things in it are similar to the actual version of Nuke, which is what makes this an even interesting map to explore rather than simply playing it.

Players along with their friends can simply load up this custom map and have a fun time exploring or load up a proper deathmatch and go at each other, though the strategies might differ as there are extra areas through which players might come at you.

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