CS2 Players Are Exploiting New Sticker Update to Write Slurs on Weapons


CS2 Players Are Exploiting New Sticker Update to Write Slurs on Weapons

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In a shocking move, Counter-Strike 2's latest update allows stickers to be placed almost anywhere on weapons.
Although this has led to a lot of creative crafts, some players are exploiting the update to write racial and gender slurs on their weapons.

While loved by many, Counter-Strike 2 did not receive any updates for some time. However, that has changed as a new CS2 update has just been released. The update features a mammoth of improvements, fixes, and content. However, the most significant change is the gun stickers. It’s a known fact that stickers are one of the best ways to customize your weapon skin in Counter-Strike. With the new update, the stickers can be placed anywhere on the gun.

However, some players have quickly found ways to make wild, funny, or offensive sticker crafts with new sticker placement options.

CS2 Community Exploits the New Sticker Update By Creating Bizarre Crafts 

After a drought of updates in recent months, Valve returned to CS2 on 6th February with a huge update that added tons of new content to the game and some fixes to the general gameplay. Arguably, one of the best additions with the brand-new update is the custom sticker placements and a fifth sticker slot on weapons. Since the launch of CSGO, players have only had access to four sticker slots in predetermined places, but they can now move stickers anywhere they like. 

Some community players quickly started exploiting the new sticker update to create offensive words or drawings with the sticker placement. Although it was already possible to spell out three- or four-letter offensive words with a few sticker combos, the new update has made it easier. 

This has led some stickers, such as ‘GG’, to shoot up in price on the Steam Market. The obvious reason for this rise in price is players using the sticker to spell out offensive words.

Some in the community have reacted negatively and considered how some players could use an update and turn it into a harmful thing. Valve did not account for this problematic scenario, and many are left wondering when a permanent fix will be released.

However, this was a predictable outcome as well because we have the same happening in other titles, such as Call of Duty, whenever players are allowed this level of customization. Whether Valve will ban players for creating offensive sticker crafts is still unknown. However, players should refrain from trying out these things. 

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