Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Patch: Inferno Tweaks And Bug Fixes


Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Patch (1 Sep 2023): Inferno Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Here is what the developers fixed today.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Just one day after a major update, Valve rolled out another small patch for Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test.
It rolled out with multiple tweaks and bug fixes, with a special focus on improving the performance of Inferno.
Here are the complete patch notes of the 1st September update of Counter-Strike 2.

The Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test is currently live and quite a few players have now got an invitation for it following Valve's recent change in eligibility rules.

They are not only enjoying the new title which is going to be the successor to CS:GO but are also testing out different aspects of the new version, reporting the shortcomings, and helping the developers improve the game.

Here are the latest batch of changes that have been rolled out along with the new patch for Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test which released on 1st September.

Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Patch Notes (1 Sep 2023): Complete Details

Just a day after introducing features like Premier Mode, Map-Specific Ranks, Shorter Matches, and a bunch of other tools, the developers have made a few tweaks and rolled out another shorter patch for the game.


  • Inferno

    • Various bug fixes and tweaks.


  • Players who survive the last round before overtime no longer carry their items into overtime.

  • Disabled Casual matchmaking temporarily to avoid a bug where servers get stuck in the end-of-match state.


  • Fixes for missing music in Casual Mode.


  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to Premier UI elements.

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes.

  • Fixed a crash that occurs when changing audio devices.

  • Fixed an issue where players who abandon during Premier map voting receive multiple cooldowns

Inferno, one of the latest maps added to Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test has undergone various tweaks and bug fixes to improve the overall performance of the map.

Multiple weapon finishes have also undergone bug fixes and performance improvements, which could result in better skin finishes.

Many such short patches will keep coming out as developers try to bring the game up to speed and make it esports worthy once again. It is far from its current version, CS:GO, in terms of gameplay but equipped with the latest Source 2 game engine it should not be a tall task to reach the same level.

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