Coldzera Reveals Why His Role in Faze Clan Did Not Have So Much Impact


Coldzera Reveals Why His Role in FaZe Clan Did Not Have So Much Impact

The Brazilian rifler seems to enjoy playing as an entry fragger.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Coldzera compares the change in his role between FaZe Clan and Complexity Gaming.
He explains why he did not enjoy his role of a site-anchor in FaZe Clan, which according to him made him lose his potential.
Playing as an entry fragger for Complexity is a welcome change for coldzera, who has no complaints in this role, as it allows him to do a lot of different stuff.

Brazilian star rifler Marcelo "coldzera" David who is currently playing as a stand-in for the European CS:GO roster of Complexity Gaming, seems to be enjoying his new role of an entry fragger. The team has failed to garner any positive results so far, but the 26-year-old is confident about doing well in their next tournament, BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown 2021.

Speaking about his transformation as an entry fragger and why he did not enjoy his role in his former team FaZe Clan, coldzera is of the opinion that the anchor role was simply too passive for him and saps away at his true potential. On the other hand, the role change to an entry fragger in Complexity is exciting and opens him up to many different opportunities.

Coldzera compares his role as a CS:GO player in FaZe and Complexity

Coldzera had joined Complexity as a temporary player, but this status might be under consideration to be changed to a full time prospect, given that Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke has parted ways with the organization amidst reports of his move to Astralis.

Coldzera joins Complexity Gaming temporarily

Speaking about his new role within the team and how he is coping with the change, Coldzera in an interview with HLTV said that, since the moment he was told to take on the responsibility to enter for the team, he was ready for it.

He did confirm that the change was tough on him and that it might take some time, but he does not have any problem with doing it. Coldzera has taken on k0nfig's role, playing all the positions he used to play on every map with the exception of Ancient and Overpass.

At the end, I just changed my roles on the T side, and I like to go in first, so that's pretty good and I feel comfortable. In the last LAN we played I did pretty well in my role, so I just need more time to get used to it and do this at 100%.
Marcelo "coldzera" David - Interview with HLTV

Comparing this to the role in his former team FaZe Clan, Coldzera pointed out that he did not enjoy playing site-anchor as it prevented him from being active on the map. He further revealed that it is the one role that he does not like to play.

I'm a really smart player, so I know what I need to do. On FaZe I was just sitting in a position, not having much impact as an anchor, and I was anchoring on the CT side also. So that's one thing I don't like either. I lose all my potential doing that.
Marcelo "coldzera" David - Interview with HLTV

Coldzera at the moment seems to be enjoying playing entry for Complexity as it allows him to take on different aspects such as creating space, runnings point, being the playmaker, and more.

It is unclear whether he shall become a permanent member of the roster. Speaking about himself Coldzera said that he will wait till the end of the year before making any decision as there are still some offers available to him for consideration.

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