Brollan Reveals Why He Left Fnatic And Joined NIP


Brollan Reveals Why He Left Fnatic and How It Feels to Play With NIP

The Swedish organization is going along well with Brollan.

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Brollan played his debut match for Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) yesterday against Endpoint at the European RMR B.
Speaking about why he left Fnatic, Brollan said "I want to be in a top team, I want to fight for titles, and I didn't see any future in that Fnatic squad".
At the moment Brollan feels really good being a part of NIP and is having fun adjusting to a new playing structure.

Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) seems to be in top shape at the European RMR B, winning both its opening matches against Endpoint and Bad News Eagles. The Swedish organization is now just one match away from qualifying for the PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

This is also the first tournament NIP is competing in with its latest signing Ludvig "Brollan" Brolin, who was acquired from Fnatic last month for a reported sum of $838,000 USD (INR 6,38,88,282).

Following the back-to-back wins on Ancient, Brollan in a post-match interview with HLTV went on to speak about why he decided to leave Fnatic and his experience playing with NIP so far.

Brollan explains why he decided to leave Fnatic and join NIP

The 19-year-old entry fragger, Brollan, has been a high stake acquisition for NIP in order to bolster its CS:GO lineup ahead of the European RMR and the subsequent Antwerp Major. This move seems to have paid off well, as the Swedish organization is now just one win away from securing themselves a legend status.

Talking about his move to NIP, Brollan was quick to point out that Fnatic's overall performance in 2021 was mediocre and this did not sit well with him as he wanted to be a part of a top team.

"I want to be in a top team, I want to fight for titles, and I didn't see any future in that fnatic squad," said Brollan, "It wasn't a home for me, that lineup, compared to others with like JW and stuff. But I think that the reason I changed is to find myself again because I feel like I lost myself as a person and as a player. It wasn't that fun to play in that fnatic squad."

However, since switching over to NIP the talented Swedish rifler has been feeling really good. Initially, he found it hard as both Fnatic and NIP play in very different ways, but he had fun adjusting to the new playing structure.

Brollan also clarified that there was no problem in Fnatic due to the inclusion of foreign players. They played as a team and there was no division of groups. Despite the Swedes and the Brits having varied personalities, no one had anything personal against each other.

Brollan was the top fragger for NIP in his debut game

So far Brollan has had a good and a bad map each, attaining an overall HLTV rating of 1.31 across two maps along with a K/D of +13. It will be interesting to see how he performs in the all-important match against Copenhagen Flames, scheduled to take place later today as a slot for the Antwerp Major on the line.

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