Boombl4 Announces Divorce With Wife LiQueen


Boombl4 Gets Divorced With Wife LiQueen, Plans on Filing Defamation Lawsuit

He will soon be filing a defamation lawsuit against her.

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Former NAVI captain, Boombl4 has divorced his wife LiQueen six months after getting married.
LiQueen uploaded lot of posts, images, videos, and more against Boombl4 on her official Telegram channel, accusing him of being a drug addict and abusing her.
Boombl4 has since apologized for LiQueen's actions while also stating that he will be soon filing a defamation lawsuit against her.

Just a month after putting their differences aside and getting back together ahead of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022, former NAVI captain Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov has announced that he is divorcing his 23-year-old wife Angelika "LiQueen" Mikhailova.

According to multiple videos and posts made by Boombl4 on his personal Telegram channel earlier today, the Russian CS:GO player has filed for a divorce from his wife after being allegedly blackmailed by her.

"Friends, I can say that we are finally getting a divorce, because Lika (LiQueen) has something strange with her head," allegedly said Boombl4 in one of the clips posted by him on Telegram.

In a further update via his official Twitter account, Boombl4 revealed that he was being allegedly blackmailed by LiQueen, "with various photos, videos, and a huge amount of fake information," which were posted by her on social media.

Boombl4 announces divorce with LiQueen, plans to file a defamation lawsuit against her

In late April, a few weeks before the start of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022, LiQueen had shocked many in the CS:GO community by announcing her divorce with Boombl4 via her official Telegram and Instagram accounts.

At that point in time, she had refrained from giving out too many details related to this decision and had simply stated the reason as the two not being compatible. Many were concerned how this would impact the player's performance at the Major, but eventually the two had allegedly resolved their differences and reconciled.

Barely a month since then, Boombl4 has now gone ahead and filed for a divorce with LiQueen while alleging that she had blackmailed him. In a video posted on Telegram, he had allegedly mentioned that something was wrong with LiQueen's head, referring to all the things that she was posting about him on the internet.

In a post made by LiQueen on her Telegram channel, she goes on to comment on Boombl4's sexual orientation while also accusing him of using drugs. Additionally, she also posted some lewd photos of the former NAVI captain.

Post by LiQueen about Boombl4 on her Telegram channel

The above post in Russian translates to, "Boombl4 is a big fat l***ian and likes to suck d**ks. And he's also a complete Mephedrone (drug) addict. He has betrayed me more than once and hurt me a lot. On this basis we are getting a divorce," according to Escore News.

Boombl4 has come forward to apologize for LiQueen's actions, "I would like to apologize for everything that was thrown on social media. I was ashamed of all this, but, unfortunately, I could not control it. I understand everything perfectly. I'll make a post later about everything that happened. Nothing more to say. It's just a facepalm."

The player also announced that he will be filing a defamation lawsuit against LiQueen as a result of her actions.

The couple had got married in December last year after Boombl4 had proposed to her in front of a live audience and millions of online viewers following NAVI's victory at the PGL Stockholm Major 2021.

It was the first time in the history of the game that a professional CS:GO player had popped the question on the big stage. The clip of the moment had quickly gone viral across the CS:GO community and soon after messages of congratulations started to pour in once LiQueen had responded with a "Yes!!!!" via an Instagram story.

Following the conclusion of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 where NAVI had finished as the runners-up, the Ukrainian organization had taken a decision to remove Boombl4 citing the reason as "high reputational risk for the club".

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