ApEX Explains Reason Behind ZywOo's Inconsistent Performance


ApEX Opens Up About ZywOo's Struggles With New Vitality CS:GO Roster

It has been a tough start for the best French CS:GO player.

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Despite a great start to the 2022 season, Vitality has started showing signs of struggle due to inconsistent performance by its star player ZywOo.
In the first quarter of 2022 itself ZywOo has already registered nine games where his rating has been below one.
Vitality's captain apEX has provided a few reasons that are contributing to ZywOo's inconsistent performances.

Team Vitality had decided to shift from a completely French CS:GO roster to an international lineup ahead of the 2022 competitive season. While the announcement and the shuffle were hyped quite a bit, the team following an excellent start to the season has fallen flat by registering consecutive poor results.

Amidst the many problems that this French-Danish roster is currently facing, one of the biggest is the inconsistent performance by its star player Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut, who seems to be struggling quite a bit since the formation of Vitality's new lineup.

Talking about this issue, Vitality's shotcaller Dan "apEX" Madesclaire in a recent interview with 1pv provided a few reasons behind ZywOo's recent struggles, whose map ratings have dipped below the 1.0 mark in nine games so far.

Vitality apEX talks about ZywOo's inconsistent performance with the new CS:GO roster

ZywOo, the lynchpin of Team Vitality has not been delivering consistently since the start of the 2022 competitive season. He has already registered nine games in the first quarter of the year where his HLTV rating has been less than 1.0, making things tough for the French-Danish lineup.

Opening up on this particular issue, apEX explained that it is hard to figure out what goes on with ZywOo because one needs to press hard in order to find out what is not going well for him.

"He will always say that he is ok, but you feel it," remarked apEX, as he went on to reveal that ZywOo is pushing first despite him being told not to entry frag. He should be focusing more on refragging and winning clutches, it is key to remind him of his role which is not that of an entry fragger says the team's captain.

Statement by ZywOo after elimination from ESL Pro Legue S15

"Yes you can do it when you feel it, but do not do it because you feel that you have to or because you are lost," explained apEX. The 29-year-old goes on to say that these days he even tells ZywOo to just bait them, something that he has never said to him before.

Despite the setbacks he believes that ZywOo will soon retain his consistency, it is only a matter of him understanding his role in the server again.

Team Vitality will be seen in action soon at the upcoming European RMR event followed by the PGL Major Antwerp 2022, if they manage to secure a slot for themselves.

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