An Ignored CSGO Feature Has Just Received A Secret Buff From Valve


An Ignored CS:GO Feature Has Just Received a Secret Buff From Valve

Valve has slipped in a secret improvement for one of the most useless features in CS:GO.

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One of the least used CS:GO feature has received a secret buff from Valve
The delayed un-scope setting is considered to be the most useless feature ever introduced to CS:GO, but this might change with the recent improvement.
Read on to find out the changes made by Valve to make this absolutely ignored CS:GO setting somewhat viable.

One of the least used CS:GO features has received a secret improvement from Valve, and nobody seems to be aware about it. Well, to be honest not many know about the existence of the 'Delay sniper rifle un-scope after shot' setting in CS:GO. While those who do, consider it to be one of the most useless settings introduced to the game. However, a recent buff added to this feature might make it somewhat viable, providing situational advantage to players as it is a toggle option. Let us take a look at what this setting actually does, the secret buff that it has received, and how can it help players improve.

Valve Buffs CS:GO's Most Useless Feature

The 'Delay sniper rifle un-scope after shot' settings is frowned upon by the CS:GO community for being one of the most useless feature ever introduced to the game. Enabling this toggle setting results in a 0.5 seconds delayed un-scope after taking a shot from either the AWP or the SSG-08 scout sniper, but the scoped rifles remain unaffected.

The sniper will not un-scope immediately after taking the shot

This was considered to be highly disadvantageous for a marksman and rightly so, as they would not be able to reposition themselves immediately after taking a shot. With this setting disabled, the sniper rifles in CS:GO immediately unscope after a shot is fired, which is certainly a more desirale option for a player.

Delayed Un-Scoped Setting in CS:GO

Well, the secret improvement introduced by Valve might have solved this problem. In the early days of CS:GO, player movement speed was not punished for walking with a scoped AWP. However, this was later nerfed as the movement speed while scoped was dropped by 50%, coming down to 100 from the 200 standard velocity.

Now, with the delayed un-scope setting enabled players would be temporarily able to move at the 200 standard velocity while scoped. This change will only be noticed after the shot has been fired and the un-scope is being delayed.

This small buff could be a game changer as players would now be able to relocate easily while gathering some intel. It could be advantageous in certain spots that offer long sightlines like the 'Mid' areas on Dust 2, Mirage, and Inferno.

Usually, CS:GO players who excel at playing with an AWP have a habit of taking out their melee weapon after every shot. While this certainly does not help with the reload speed as the AWP's fire rate is fixed at 41 shots per minute, it does provide a 25% boost in movement speed.

When any weapon is switched with a knife in CS:GO, the 200 standard velocity increases to 250, which is the fastest possible movement speed without any cheats. As the players still have a better option at hand, the viability of the delayed un-scope option still seems limited.

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