CS:GO Player takes an Incredible One Bullet Ace on Inferno

CS:GO Player takes an Incredible One Bullet Ace on Inferno

Aditya Singh Rawat
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In this period of quarantine, CS:GO players are really getting creative in-game with all the extra time on their hands, from finding a solo-boost bug on Inferno to coming across a way to enhance footstep audio, they have done it all. But all this still fails to stand up to this one time when the game decided to surprise everyone, by giving this immensely lucky CS:GO player a gift, in the form of a 'One Bullet Ace'.

Yes, you heard it right! CS:GO player who went by the name of ‘Dark_Moon’ killed five players with just a single bullet back in 2018. Playing CT-sided on Inferno and trailing by a difference of one round, Dark_Moon equipped with an AWP equalised the score in a jiffy, taking down all five players with one precisely clean shot.

Everyone on the server was in disbelief after witnessing the one-shot massacre, which was pretty evident from the video itself. It was an incredibly lucky shot, the odds of which happening are probably more than one in a billion. The player took his shot at the exact time when all the players had aligned in a perfectly straight line while zig-zagging their way through ‘Banana’.

I have personally never come across a one bullet ace, and the way it happened so suddenly in a blink of an eye, it might give a tough competition to this ace on Mirage which is touted as being one of the fastest on the map. Are there more such one-shot aces out there? Even if there are any, is it as clean as this one?

Edit: At the time of writing this article, we were not aware that the original clip was uploaded by Scooby in 2018.

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