Pros Explain How Valve Can Improve CS:GO - GuardiaN, Fer, Art, Olofmeister

Pros Explain How Valve Can Improve CS:GO - GuardiaN, Fer, Art, Olofmeister

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Multiple CS:GO pros explain what Valve can do to improve the game further.
  • Their suggestions caters to both the casual userbase and the competitive scene.
  • One of the most suggested change was for Valve to hire a 'Community Manager'.

CS:GO is not a perfect game, something which is evident by the numerous complaints that the community puts forward on a daily basis. The impact of some of these issues gets worse on a competitive level and in an interview segment with Rivalry multiple professional CS:GO players like Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács, Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, Andrei “arT” Piovezan, Olof “Olofmeister“ Gustafsson, and a few other players, explained how according to them Valve can further improve CS:GO. Some of the suggestions put forth were hypothetical to change certain things in the game or introduce a few new things, but some of the points put forth actually took into consideration the already existing problems at hand.

Pros Explain How Valve Can Improve CS:GO


Though GuardiaN has been absent from the competitive Counter-Strike scene for more than a year now, he keeps streaming CS:GO and is eager to make a comeback. According to him, a few changes that Valve can implement are nerfing the Deagle, adding a few more weapons to the game, remaking some maps, and from a viewers point of view adding banners similar to those in Dota 2 could be interesting.

Pros Explain How Valve Can Improve CS:GO - GuardiaN, Fer, Art, Olofmeister


Former MIBR entry fragger fer who has also taken some time away from competitive Counter-Strike had plenty to say how Valve could improve the game. 

“To improve Counter-Strike Valve should maybe create or get the license to put more maps, so we could be more entertained. Sometimes they can take more care of CS with some better tournaments, better maps, and maybe put a new gun in there.”

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The brains behind FURIA Esports’ super fast-paced playstyle which at one point of time really took the teams by surprise. ArT really helped the Brazilian organization soar to the top-tier of Counter-Strike, while constructing a playstyle that was both entertaining to watch and yet so effective.

He had a more grounded answer as he said that, “They (Valve) can do so many things to make the game better like, if they get more involved with the community and they start answering some questions and doing what the pro players want, that should be enough.”


The Swedish legend Olofmeister had thoughts similar to that of arT as he said that Valve needs a ‘Community Manager’ who can be in contact with the players, to help the competitive scene grow better. As for the casual playerbase, he thinks that Valve should update CS:GO more often, rotate the maps, and add some weapon nerfs, to keep the game fresh and interesting.

Pros Explain How Valve Can Improve CS:GO - GuardiaN, Fer, Art, Olofmeister

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Apart from this, some other changes which were suggested were periodic meta changes to keep things moving, taking community feedback more seriously, shaping the competitive scene in a more holistic manner, and working on the anti-cheat.

Across the board, almost all these points put forth by the players make sense, while some are targeted towards the casual userbase others help shape the competitive ecosystem, which is an essential part of the game.

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