Fer Talks About His Retirement Plan From CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
7/Jan/2021 11:42 am

Brazilian CS:GO pro fer talks about his future in CS:GO while also revealing his retirement plans.
Fer has denied all rumours of him joining the Brazilian lineup of BOOM Esports.
Fer wishes to end his CS:GO career on a high note before retiring from the game.

Brazilian star rifler Fernando "⁠fer⁠" Alvarenga who has been absent from top-tier Counter-Strike action since September last year, finally spoke about his future plans regarding CS:GO on Alexandre "⁠gAuLeS⁠" Chiqueta's stream yesterday.

The 29-year-old rifler was last spotted playing for the Brazilian lineup of BOOM Esports in December as a stand-in during FiReLEAGUE - Global Finals, a local CS:GO tournament.

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Fer Talks About His Future In CS:GO

There were a lot of speculations about fer potentially joining BOOM Esports as a replacement for Joao “felps” Vasconcellos after he stood-in for the side during FiReLEAGUE - Global Finals, where some of the best Brazilian teams from the region went up against each other.

This has however turned out to be a false rumour as fer while talking about his future in CS:GO said that “I’d rather risk ending my career now than sign for them (BOOM Esports) if I’m being honest.” Clarifying his statement, fer explained that BOOM is a good team which is a bit different than what he is used to and though there would be no problems in-game, he also has his own style of playing CS:GO.

Fer Reveals His Retirement Plan From CS:GO

Having clarified his stance with BOOM Esports and laying all the rumours to rest, Fer went on to reveal his retirement plan from competitive CS:GO. The former MIBR rifler wants to end his career on a high note as he aims to sign a lucrative contract before eventually hanging his boots as a professional player. 

“In terms of the contract, I'm at the end of my career, and I'm looking for a contract that is good for me to end my career.”

Fer explained that he does not have the time and the energy to grind his way to the top once again, while also stressing on the fact that he is still eager to win.

“I really want to play, to grow, to win everything again. But I do not have the time to spend a year and a half playing from the bottom to work my way up and then have a shot at winning. I do not think it will be good for my career to end that way.”

However, if things do not turn up soon on the competitive side of things the idea of transitioning to a fulltime streamer also sounds appealing to fer.

"I think it would be very cool to be a streamer. I love streaming. If I retire and become a streamer, I'll be happy, too. I'd probably earn four times as much money as I do as a player.”

Fer along with Epitacio "⁠TACO⁠" de Melo and coach Ricardo "⁠dead⁠" Sinigaglia were moved from the team’s active lineup by MIBR’s management on September 2020. Three months later in December fer’s contract with MIBR expired and the player officially left the organization. With a lot of roster shuffles being made by multiple Brazilian organizations, it will be interesting to see if someone signs fer.

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