Fer Returns to Competitive CS:GO After Three Months

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Dec/2020 05:01 pm

Brazilian star player Fer returns to competitive CS:GO after three months.
He will be standing in for BOOM Esports at an upcoming local CS:GO tournament.
BOOM Esports are on an eight tournament win streak.

Former MIBR star player Fernando "fer" Alvarenga is about to return to competitive CS:GO after a break of three months with the Brazilian team BOOM Esports. The 29-year-old will be standing in for the team at the upcoming South American tournament Flow FiRe League which is scheduled to take place over this course of the upcoming weekend.

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Fer Returns To Competitive CS:GO With BOOM Esports

Brazilian star player Fer was one of the three players that MIBR had dropped from their roster three months ago in September. Since then he had taken a backseat from competitive Counter-Strike but it seems that the 29-year-old’s break has finally come to an end as he stands-in for BOOM esport in a local South American CS:GO tournament.

Fer will be stepping in place of Joao “felps” Vasconcellos who recently departed BOOM Esports after spending around ten months with the team, six months on loan and the next four as a permanent player. Apparently felps had himself requested to leave the team and coincidentally BOOM Esports found another experienced lurker to replace him.

Speaking about Fer, the Brazilian has not been in the best shape this year which is pretty evident from the way MIBR had been performing with the old roster coupled with his individual stats. Maybe this short break has changed some things for him and hope he performed well as a lot of Brazilians will be looking forward to his comeback performance this weekend.

BOOM Esports has been dominating the local scene pretty hard since April 2020. They are on an eight tournament win streak having won both big and small local events that have taken place in Brazil. The addition of Fer has only added more strength to this team, but their actual caliber is still unknown as the team has not played internationally yet.

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With this move it seems that the rumored FalleN and Fer CS:GO roster which had made big waves last month might not turn out to be real. FalleN’s future still remains shrouded in mystery as he has not made any moves to speculate his possible return to the competitive scene local or international anytime soon.


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