Ropz Talks About How Karrigan’s Departure Affected Mousesports CS:GO Team

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  • Mousesports star rifler ropz talks about how karrigan's departure from the team affected the organization.
  • ChrisJ and karrigan had left one after the other, which according to ropz was "a heavy blow for the team".
  • The new mousesports lineup has failed so far and their performance at the upcoming DH Masters Spring 2021 will be crucial.

Robin "ropz" Kool is one of the best riflers in CS:GO who has stuck with the German esports organization mousesports since April 2017. He recently spoke about how Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s departure from their CS:GO roster affected the whole team, in an interview with the Swedish website Expressen. Karrigan had been the in-game leader for mousesports since March 2019 and he had built quite the lineup under his leadership, but the team faced a massive slump in performance last year which resulted in a few big changes. Despite the team not doing so well ropz had individually been quite impressive, finishing the year as the seventh-best CS:GO player in the world.

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Ropz on how karrigan’s departure affected mousesports

Mousesports despite the slump in performance wanted to stick with karrigan but the Danish-German professional was not too sure when it came to continuing with them. The fact that FaZe Clan had shown interest in him made matters worse, as karrigan seemed keen on returning back to his former organization and lead a new roster.

He eventually departed mousesports and suddenly the organization seemed to lack power. They even decided to bench their long-standing member Chris “chrisJ” de Jong, who had been with them for more than 7 years. Commenting on these big changes ropz revealed that it was indeed “a heavy blow for the team”.

“Of course I was sad, it was a step backwards because we basically started again from the beginning with our tactics. But our coach (Torbjørn “mithR“ Nyborg) has been working on it for several weeks now, so we look forward to what we can accomplish together. Sometimes you need a step back to go further,” said ropz in a statement to Expressen.

Ropz Talks About How Karrigan’s Departure Affected Mousesports CS:GO Team

This decision forced mousesports to sign Christopher “dexter” Nong as their new captain. Speaking about this ropz said that, “Finding a good IGL is much more difficult because the market is bad for captains”. A fact that no one in the industry would deny at this point in time. However, dexter seemed to be a decent grab for the side, as ropz pointed out that, 

“Dexter dominated the oceanic scene with Renegades (former team) and has proven to be a very talented and promising IGL. I'm still getting to know him, he's a very unique and chill person.”

Ropz Talks About How Karrigan’s Departure Affected Mousesports CS:GO Team

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Unfortunately, so far mousesports has not found success with the new lineup as their slump continues. They have failed to perform at top-tier tournaments, but their recent group stage departure from ‘Fantasyexpo Cup Spring 2021’ has raised a few alarms as they lost consecutive matches against tier-two teams like DBL PONEY and PACT.

The team really needs to come up with a solution soon otherwise they may soon reach a point of no return, forcing the organization to again make some new changes. Their upcoming performance at the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 will be crucial for the future of this lineup.

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