CS:GO Star S1mple Recently Handed VALORANT Ranked Mode Ban, Denies Being Toxic


CS:GO Star S1mple Recently Handed VALORANT Ranked Mode Ban, Denies Being Toxic

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • S1mple was banned from Valorant ranked matchmaking for a whole day as he reached out to 'Riot Support' for help.
  • As per a user, s1mple allegedly received a 'voice ban' which automatically led to him being banned from playing ranked games.
  • Riot Support was quick to act on the situation and s1mple was unbanned within 24 hours, streaming Valorant once again.

Na’Vi star player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev who has been streaming a lot of Valorant since the past few days was banned from ranked matchmaking for a day on 27 March. The Ukrainian player was taken by surprise upon learning about the ban and quickly reached out to ‘Riot Support’. The alleged reason behind s1mple not being able to play ranked mode was a ‘voice ban’ issued against him, in Valorant if a player is voice banned they cannot queue for ranked games. However, s1mple claimed that he was not being toxic. Riot Games’ support was quick to act on the situation and unbanned him within a day.

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S1mple was recently banned from Valorant ranked mode

One of the best CS:GO players in the world s1mple has been streaming a lot of Valorant for the last few days. After delivering top-notch performance in the currently ongoing ESL Pro League Season 13 where he remains to be the highest-rated player, s1mple has some free time on his hand before the playoffs stage of the tournament.

During this time s1mple is doing what he does best, stream a bit on his Twitch channel and just relax with his viewers. But sadly the 23-year-old was handed a ban from playing ranked games in Valorant a couple of days back, a decision which surprised s1mple himself.

While the player himself did not reveal the reason behind this ban a user alleged that s1mple had received a ‘voice ban’ due to which he could not queue for ranked matchmaking. A similar question was put forth by retired CS:GO and current Team Liquid Valorant player Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, who asked s1mple “Why toxic?”

S1mple genuinely seemed confused by this ban as he clarified by saying that “I don’t specifically show my nickname, I got an immortal, I wake up and see a block in ranked games LUL”. He followed up by asking where he could check the ban duration, while also reaching out to ‘Riot Support’ for help.

There seemed to be a mistake made by Riot as the ban was lifted by the next day and s1mple was back to streaming Valorant once more. Most likely the ban was applied automatically after s1mple received random reports by multiple users, and Riot after having verified the same would have simply revoked this ban.

Na’Vi along with s1mple will be seen in action once again this weekend, as the ESL Pro League Season 13 - Playoffs will be starting from 4 April onwards. It will be interesting to see who Na’Vi will be facing in their opening bout and if they manage to win the whole tournament or not.

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