Boombl4 Promises to Tattoo Name of MIBR Player if Na’Vi Wins ESL Pro League S13

Boombl4 Promises to Tattoo Name of MIBR Player if Na’Vi Wins ESL Pro League S13

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Na'VI IGL Boombl4 has promised to tattoo the name of Brazilian rifler 'boltz' if they win ESL Pro League Season 13.
  • Boombl4 will be getting the tattoo on his right hand after the two-part bet was made yesterday during MIBR vs Cloud9.
  • Na'Vi qualifying for the playoffs was totally dependent on MIBR's victory over Cloud9, otherwise Cloud9 could have taken that slot.

Natus Vincere in-game leader Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov has put an absurd bet on the line, promising to tattoo the gaming tag of Brazilian rifler Ricardo "boltz" Prass on his right hand if Na’Vi were to win ESL Pro League Season 13. While this may sound random and very absurd, there is an interesting backstory that makes it all saner and quite logical, in a fun way of course. Na’Vi barely qualified for the playoffs of the currently ongoing ESL Pro League Season 13, while they did win their final match against Team One their fate totally depended upon MIBR’s victory against Cloud9, and this is when a high stake bet was struck between Boltz and Na’Vi.

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Boombl4 to get a tattoo of ‘Boltz’ if Na’Vi wins EPL

Na’Vi had a rough group stage, barely managing to qualify for the playoffs of ESL Pro League Season 13. Following a loss to both FURIA and Gambit, Na’Vi were standing ‘2-2’ in their group facing a do-or-die situation in their last match. The CIS squad did manage to win their final match against Team One, but their qualification did not entirely depend on this victory alone.

In order for Na’Vi to make it through to the playoffs, MIBR had to secure a victory over Cloud9. Otherwise, Cloud9 would be the one with a playoffs slot over Na’Vi. This is when an interesting two-part bet was made between Na’VI and MIBR rifler boltz, as Boombl4 promised to get boltz’ name tattooed on his right hand.

The first part of this bet was that MIBR had to secure a victory over Cloud9, as that would ensure a playoffs slot for Na’Vi. The second part which would fulfil the bet was Na’Vi winning the tournament, following which Boombl4 would have to tattoo boltz name on his right hand.

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The Brazilian CS:GO community went mad when MIBR won their final match, as the organization themselves dedicated this victory to Na’VI. The banter surrounding the bet also caught a lot of attention with all sorts of memes coming live. Both the organization came forward and exchanged pleasantries and now everyone just wants Na’Vi to win, so boombl4 can brandish boltz name on his hands forever.

Boombl4 Promises to Tattoo Name of MIBR Player if Na’Vi Wins ESL Pro League S13

Na’VI has a week’s time to prepare for the playoffs and this should be enough time for them to sort their IGL issues, which should honestly be taken up by boombl4 for now. Also, Valerii "B1T" Vakhovskyi has been performing really well and is integrating perfectly into the team as a future permanent member. All eyes will be on the CIS giants moving forward in the tournament.

Boombl4 Promises to Tattoo Name of MIBR Player if Na’Vi Wins ESL Pro League S13

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