OG ISSAA Might Consider Switching From CS:GO to VALORANT

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OG ISSAA Might Consider Switching From CS:GO to VALORANT
  • ISSAA who is currently benched in OG spoke about his time with the organization and his future in a personal statement.
  • The Jordanian could be considering a switch over to Valorant from CS:GO "depending on what happens in the future".
  • ISSAA's departure from OG had left the organization with just 3 active players before they signed niko permanently.

Professional Jordanian CS:GO Player Issa "ISSAA" Murad who was recently benched by the European team OG, might be considering a switch from CS:GO to Valorant “depending on what happens in the future and the possibilities”. ISSAA made a public statement yesterday on 24 March about his chapter with OG coming to an end, along with plans about his future in which he spoke about his time with Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen and others. The 24-year-old’s departure was quite unfortunate as he was not able to perform due to a lot of technical issues, and things could have been different if the team was competing in a LAN environment.

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ISSAA might switch from CS:GO to Valorant

ISSAA departed OG earlier this month which had left the organization with just 3 active CS:GO players, soon after they had come forward to announce the signing of Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen as their fourth permanent player. With one more slot left to be filled out, OG’s overhaul is still underway as the team look to rebuild themselves properly for the rest of the competitive season.

OG ISSAA Might Consider Switching From CS:GO to VALORANT

Yesterday after more than a week since he got benched, ISSAA came forward with his own statement on the current situation and his future. He said that his departure from OG was probably “the best choice” for both parties involved and that he could have definitely played much better for the organization.

“I'm really thankful for OG and the players for being professionals in the situation and for all the memories we had together, I'm happy with what we have achieved during this 1 year.

As for me, I felt I could've played much better but couldn't have the space/playstyle that I had in HR (HellRaisers), even though we gave everything and kept trying to fix everything.”

ISSAA continued by stating that he will further try to improve and is definitely hungry to give his all and win some trophies, “with the right team”. While speaking about his future, ISSAA said that he is open to offers while still being under contract to OG, and could consider a switch to Valorant also.

“As for the future - I'm not sure yet. I’m still contracted with OG and I'm currently open to offers. I could also probably be interested to discuss consider a switch to Valorant, depending on what happens in the future and the possibilities.”

At the start of this month, EG had lost their rifler Ethan "Ethan" Arnold who retired from competitive CS:GO and switched to Valorant, joining 100 Thieves’ Valorant roster. It will be interesting to see if ISSAA finds a suitable opportunity to continue in CS:GO or does he also make the hard switch.

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