[Watch] CS:GO Player Takes an Insanely Rare Knife Ace on Mirage

[Watch] CS:GO Player Takes an Insanely Rare Knife Ace on Mirage

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO player takes an incredibly rare knife ace on Mirage without firing a single bullet.
  • He took the first 4 knife kills without taking any damage and secured the last one with 47 HP still remaining.
  • Have you ever managed to take an ace with a knife?

Knife kills are some of the most difficult ones to secure in CS:GO, be it in an official match or regular matchmaking. Taking one or two knife kills during a whole match makes for an epic highlight. Now imagine if you took five of them, not in a single match but in one round, how ridiculous would that be? Well, this once in a blue moon opportunity was gifted to ‘u/bonbonbanana’ who secured a knife ace on Mirage without breaking a sweat. He entered the site with a knife and without shooting a single bullet, walked out bagging 5 kills and more than $10000 for the next round.

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CS:GO player taken an insane knife ace on Mirage

The match on Mirage had just started and ‘u/bonbonbanana’ quickly made his way towards the ‘B-Site’ wielding a knife in his hand. Luckily for him, the opponent had also decided to rush the site, but before they could enter he had managed to slip undetected right below ‘B Platform’.

As soon as the opponents dropped down from the platform, ‘u/bonbonbanana’ started raking knife kills. He was rewarded with two instant knife kills and then went out hunting for the third one, while the opponent was distracted towards ‘Market’ he snuck behind him and took another easy kill. The last two kills once again came right below the platform, near the ‘Van’.

From the clip above, one can see how the stars perfectly aligned for the user as he got the knife kills one after the other without any trouble. The first four kills were secured by him without even being shot at, but it was not a flawless ace as he took 53 damage before taking the last one.

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