Astralis' Sixth Player Bubzkji Denies Reports of Joining Another CS:GO Team

Astralis' Sixth Player Bubzkji Denies Reports of Joining Another CS:GO Team

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  • Astralis' sixth player Bubzkji has publicly denied a false report which stated that he was “actively searching to join another team”.
  • Bubzkji said that he does not usually comment on any rumours, but decided to speak against this one as he felt it was damaging to both him and the publication.
  • Bubzkji has only played a total of 16 maps for Astralis so far since joining the Danish organization last year.

Lucas "Bubzkji" Andersen took to Twitter to publicly deny a media report of him “actively searching to join another team”. Astralis’ sixth player said that though he does not usually comment on rumors surrounding himself, the report about him joining another team “is not true”. Bubzkji came forward to state this publicly because he believes “it’s very damaging to me and yourself to publish something which is false”. This public message was enough for the media report to be dismissed as false, with a public apology being issued by the publication immediately. With this, Bubzkji who has played just 1 map for Astralis so far this year confirms he has no current plans to leave the Danish organization.

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Bubzkji publicly denies reports of him joining another CS:GO team

Bubzkji has gone public with a tweet to debunk rumors of him “looking to leave Astralis”. The incident took place after the Russian media company ‘’ published an article stating that the Danish talent was “not satisfied with his current role in the team”. The media source has since apologized to Bubzkji and published a new article to reflect these changes.

Astralis had signed Bubzkji after he was benched by his former team MAD Lions in July 2020, the same month Patrick "es3tag" Hansen was set to play for Astralis. The two players would be taking the vacant spots left by Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander and Andreas "Xyp9x" Hojsleth, who were taking a break from competitive CS:GO due to stress and fatigue. 

MAD Lions’ decision to bench the Dane was a shock to many as Bubzkji was statistically their best player before being signed by Astralis. The talented Dane became a part of Astralis’ seven-man roster and many in the community doubted if he would get an ample opportunity to play. This soon became a topic of debate after the 22-year-old was sparingly used by Astralis with Duncan "Thorin" Shields also criticizing this move.

Astralis' Sixth Player Bubzkji Denies Reports of Joining Another CS:GO Team

Bubzkji has mostly been used as a specialist on the CS:GO map ‘Nuke’ by Astralis. He has played a total of 15 maps for the side last year, out of which 9 times he was subbed in to play on Nuke, 3 times on Train, 2 times on Dust 2, and once on Inferno. This year so far Bubzkji has played just one match on Nuke, against Na’Vi at BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 where his performance was not up to mark.

Astralis' Sixth Player Bubzkji Denies Reports of Joining Another CS:GO Team

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