[Watch] Boombl4 Pulls off the Iconic Burning Defuse Against Olofmeister on Train


[Watch] Boombl4 Pulls off the Iconic Burning Defuse Against Olofmeister on Train

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Boombl4 pulls off the iconic burning man defuse against none other than Olofmeister himself.
  • The Russian IGL successfully executes a clutch defuse to win a crucial round for Na'Vi in an overtime thriller on Train.
  • Na'Vi manage to qualify for BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021 after registering a '2-1' win over FaZe Clan.

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov won a round for Na’Vi against Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer Gustafsson by recreating the nostalgic burning man defuse. The Russian in-game leader held his nerves and finished defusing the C4 while burning because of a Molotov thrown by Olofmeister himself. Boombl4 even took a HE grenade to his face but somehow managed to pull through with a successful defuse, winning Na’Vi a crucial round in an overtime thriller.

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Boombl4 recreates the iconic burning man defuse

Na’Vi faced a tough match against FaZe Clan tonight in the Upper Bracket Finals of BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2020. The best-of-three series went down to the wire with Na’Vi barely managing to pull through on Train, and this clutch defuse by Boombl4 played a big part in Na’Vi qualifying for the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021.

Na’Vi claimed a ‘16-8’ victory on the first map Inferno, followed by FaZe Clan fighting hard to win by a ‘16-11’ scoreline on Nuke. Down to a decider on Train, both the teams went hard against each other to take the final map to overtime before it came to an end favoring Na’Vi.

Boombl4’s burning defuse was crucial as it gave Na’Vi the lead on the important 34th round. Facing a 1v3 situation, olofmeister played the round safe on Train’s ‘B-Site’ waiting for someone from Na’Vi to start the defuse so he could chuck his Molotov from heaven. Unfortunately, the timing did not sit right and the Na’Vi captain was able to win it for the side.

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It was quite the irony watching Olofmeister fall victim to his own legendary play, for which he has been honored by Valve with the burning man graffiti as well. The iconic play was made by the man himself on Overpass against Team Dignitas in the semi-finals of ESL One Cologne 2014.

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