Best CS:GO Trading Sites for Skins

Best CS:GO Trading Sites for Skins

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  • Buying, selling, and trading of CS:GO skins is a big part of the game these days which some have even turned into a lucrative business for themselves.
  • Unfortunately it has also given rise to a lot of online fraud and scam due to which users are reluctant to try out CS:GO trading sites.
  • Here are some of the best CS:GO trading sites for skins that users can try out.

It is rare to find good CS:GO trading sites for skins and other cosmetics especially if you are someone new to the game and just want to purchase a few in-game items. Buying, selling, and trading CS:GO skins might look like something simple and easy to pull off but it has layers to it, that is if a user wants to make a profit and learn about this trade instead of merely making a few purchases. Then there is the question of integrity and security when it comes to CS:GO trading sites for skins, as this aspect of the game is notoriously rife with all sorts of scams and tricks.

Over the years, along with the growth of Counter-Strike even the business of virtual cosmetics associated with the game has observed a massive increase. It has become quite difficult to differentiate between the good and the ugly. So to help out all the new players and those looking for a viable and trustworthy alternative, here are the best CS:GO trading sites for skins that are safe and give a good value for money.

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Top Five Best CS:GO Trading Sites For Skins


This CS:GO trading site for skins at its core is exactly what the name suggests, an item swapping website with a very clean and basic user interface. To begin trading using this website, a user simply has to login through their Steam account and they are ready to go.

The website offers various types of filters so that the users can select the exact CS:GO skins they are looking for. Apart from this, if a user adds ‘’ to their Steam username they get +3% value while trading items or 5% off if purchasing a skin directly from the website.

The Amsterdam based Dutch website offers multiple services but at its core, it is simply a very clean and basic item trading website which boasts having made more than 5 million successful trades.

Best CS:GO Trading Sites for Skins

4. DMarket

DMarket is a player to player skins marketplace which is considered to be one of the most secure CS:GO trading sites in the world. The website states that “each deal is secured by Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)” which adds on to their security.

The website takes a 5% sales commission from each successful transaction and alleges having sold more than 5 million items. The few advantages this website offers are as follows,

  • It is available on both iOS and Android which makes it a handy CS:GO trading site that people can use on the go.

  • Users can get immediate cash out to any of their payment accounts upon selling their CS:GO skins.

  • The unique ‘Target | Bid’ feature using which players can set a particular price for their favorite item which automatically gets purchased when the price is matched by a sellers bid.
Best CS:GO Trading Sites for Skins

3. CS.Deals

This CS:GO skin marketplace claims to have the lowest commission of all CS:GO trading sites, it apparently charges just 1% fee on every successful transaction. It also has an active Steam group with more than 50,000 members and the website is also whitelisted on the popular CS:GO trading subreddit ‘r/GlobalOffensiveTrade’.

Users can buy, sell, trade on the platform and its highlight feature is the live Steam chat on the website, through this visitors can keep track of what other users want and other important activity. They can place their skins on sale and can cash out in USD or Euro anywhere in the world.

Best CS:GO Trading Sites for Skins

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The CS:GO trading site is a visually upgraded version of the above-mentioned ‘SWAP.GG’. It has a similar style and layout but looks more modern and fluid. The best feature of the website is that it is very user friendly, anyone who comes to the site immediately knows what to do because of the steps highlighted on top.

It is however limited in functionality because it does not offer a direct purchase option, a user can only make a trade or sell their items. However, the website offers instant cash out option not just in cash to the users PayPal account but also in Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum.

Above all that, adding the name of the website to your Steam nickname can fetch users and additional $3 bonus will selling a skin or an extra 2% off while trading. The stats on the CS:GO trading site states that more than 31 million trades have taken place on the platform which has more than 2.4 million users.

Best CS:GO Trading Sites for Skins

1. CS.Money

The best CS:GO trading site in the world CS.Money offers more than 80,000 Dota 2 and CS:GO items while stating that “all deals are secured with the highest level protection methods”. Users can do everything from buying, selling, and trading of CS:GO skins on the platform. 

They claim that within 30 seconds users can log in and make a purchase, showcasing the efficiency of their website. On top of that, they even have a ‘Prime Subscription’ for users which offers a lower commission rate, increases website wallet recharge bonus, and gives greater discounts when purchasing skins from the website.

Best CS:GO Trading Sites for Skins

However, the most unique feature they offer is their new ‘3D Viewer’ which allows users to inspect any weapon with all Valve released skins before making a purchase. They can even add stickers on top of them and do all sorts of modifications which is really impressive, something that no other CS:GO trading site offers.

It has the biggest collection of skins among all CS:GO trading sites and is one of the few places where even the latest CS:GO skins will be available moments after they are released. Apart from that, they have worked with multiple tournament organizers like DreamHack, ECS, BLAST Premier, and StarLadder. This is by far one of the most secure CS:GO trading sites in the world and they offer top-notch service and experience to their users, but all this does come at a considerable price.

Although the Steam market is always there and its legitimacy, security, and all other features cannot be rivalled, when it comes to trading these third-party websites take the cake. The five CS:GO trading sites mentioned above are some of the best and users as per their needs and requirements can always give them a try.

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