FPL Ban Against CS:GO Pro for Writing ‘Your Mom’ Joke Revoked

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 20 Jan 2021, 01:48 PM
  • CS:GO community criticises FACEIT for handing out a seven day ban to a Danish CS:GO FPL-C player over a 'your mom' joke.
  • Fessor contested this decision claiming that it was a joke in bad taste but the seven day ban was a harsh punishment.
  • Following the community backlash the ban has been revoked by FACEIT.

Last year Valve implemented a lot of changes for CS:GO to bolster their anti-cheat system, improve performance for low-end devices, and to also combat the increasing toxicity in-game. To keep up with these improvements FACEIT in Oct 2020 released their own AI-powered Admin called ‘Minerva’ to address toxicity and abusive behavior on its platform.

Well, it has not been a smooth transition as recently a seven-day ban in FPL-C (FACEIT Pro League - Challenger) was handed to a 19-year-old Danish professional player Frederik “Fessor“ Sorensen for cracking a ‘your mom’ joke with one of his friends, and the CS:GO community did not take this lightly.

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CS:GO player gets banned from FPL-C for writing ‘your mom’ joke

The CS:GO community were up in arms against FACEIT after the platform admin decided to hand a seven-day ban to Fessor who has been allegedly leading FPL-C through the entire season, for cracking a ‘your mom’ joke with one of his friends.

Fessor’s discussion with a FACEIT admin called ‘eLSerbiaN’ revealed that the ban was handed to him for being toxic and even though the player contested this by saying that it was just a joke although a bad one, did not justify a seven-day ban.

FPL Ban Against CS:GO Pro for Writing ‘Your Mom’ Joke Revoked

On both Reddit and Twitter, the majority of the CS:GO users seemed to back him Fessor. They were furious with FACEIT’s decision to hand out such a harsh punishment for something like this while doing absolutely nothing about users who use racial slurs and other offensive words in both premier and regular FACEIT queue.

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Many other users came forth to reveal names of other such CS:GO players who had been banned for something similar, like Czech rifler Martin “Dytor” Handl who was also handed a seven-day ban for something similar and ‘NENO’ who was banned for simply questioning the reason behind his friend Fessor’s ban.

FPL Ban Against CS:GO Pro for Writing ‘Your Mom’ Joke Revoked

The pressure from the community and the barrage of backlash on the ban decision resulted in it being overturned by the creator of FPL Circuit - Milos “Faceit_Mikey” Nedeljkovic himself. But despite the ban being lifted this particular incident, it has left a sour taste within the community who are clearly against such bans and want them to be directed against the users that actually deserve them.

FPL Ban Against CS:GO Pro for Writing ‘Your Mom’ Joke Revoked

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