Valve Dispute VAC Banned CS:GO Pro Jamppi Being Innocent

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Dec/2020 12:45 pm

Valve has disputed the claim of Jamppi being completely innocent as reported earlier.
The clarification from Valve's side was given during a conversation they had with Richard Lewis.
For now, the district courts decision favors Valve with Jamppi's side planning on appealing it.

Professional Finnish CS:GO player Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen who currently plays for ENCE has been fighting a legal battle against Valve since March 2020. The last verdict by the court was in favour of Valve and at the time Ilta-Sanomat had reported that though Valve had come out on top the decision by the court stated that “Jamppi has not cheated with the (VAC banned) account". This statement was apparently a mistake made by the Finnish publication as reported by Richard Lewis who had been contacted by Valve themselves on 12th December.

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Jamppi’s VAC Ban: Valve Dispute CS:GO Pro Being Innocent

Despite Jamppi having lost the case last month mainly on the grounds of, the District Court of Eastern Uusimaa not being the right party to resolve the dispute, there was still some ray of hope for the Finnish youngster as at the time Ilta-Sanomat had reported that according to the court Jamppi was not a cheater.

It had been reported that as per the court proceedings both Valve and Jamppi had acknowledged that he was not a cheater because the account has been “bought, sold, and handed off to a third party on the same evening that it was created.”

Well, it turns out that there might have been a bit of a misunderstanding while reporting the incident because, during a recent conversation between Richard Lewis and Valve, the developers had directly refuted this claim.

“They disputed the claim that the account was outside his (Jamppi’s) control when the cheating took place but can obviously say no more on the issue.”

While they discussed the Jamppi VAC ban controversy that has been taking place since the start of 2020 with the majority of the community backing the Finnish youngster, it seems Valve is still dead set on sticking to their decision.

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Since the following talk took place, Ilta-Sanomat has also made a few changes in their original article stating that the agreement justifying Jamppi being innocent did not actually occur and was “based on a misunderstanding of the court documents”.

So far based on the hard evidence that has been presented to the CS:GO community, Jamppi’s legal side has not done a good job so far.

Jamppi’s legal side is however adamant to overturn this decision as they plan on appealing the court’s judgement, but this might take some time as “the Court of Appeal has been severely congested due to the pandemic.”

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