Valve's Response to Jamppi's Lawsuit Goes Public; They Sued the Wrong Company!

Aditya Singh Rawat
16/Jun/2020 02:24 pm

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  • Valve's response to Jamppi's lawsuit has now been revealed.

  • A surprising revelation shocks everyone as Valve states that Jamppi's side has sued the wrong company.

  • Valve gives a fitting response to all the accusations made against them, including a statement which says that the Finnish District Court has no legal jurisdiction to hear the case.

Valve had recently responded to the VAC banned Finnish pro player Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen’s lawsuit concerning the removal of the life long ban imposed against him from participating in Valve sponsored tournaments like CS:GO Majors along with a fine of €268,092 in damages.

The response which was originally received on 10th June was not made public at the time, but has now been released by Ilta-Sanomat which states that “Valve GmbH (Valve’s fully owned subsidiary) objects in all respects to Olkkonen’s action.” 

They further stated that Jamppi has brought an action against the wrong company on the wrong grounds, which basically means that the Finn has sued the wrong company.

According to the response given by Valve, the Finn who had to clear the life long ban placed against him from all Valve sponsored events had to file the case against Valve Corporation, but instead an action was taken against one of its subsidiaries called Valve GmbH.

Valve Corporation which is Headquartered in the United States and was founded in 1996 is the main company, while Valve GmbH is just its daughter company based in Germany since 2006. This subsidiary is related to the manufacturing of electronic equipment and has no affiliations to the software side of things.

The reply clearly states that “Valve GmbH does not own or manage the CS game or its licenses in any way. There has also been no German company at the time of Olkkonen's alleged violation in 2015.”

The case faces another massive blow as the District Court of Eastern Uusimaa (Southwest region of Finland) seems to have no legal jurisdiction to hear the case, as the accused company is set up in Germany as stated above.

“It is not a consumer contract matter, the plaintiff (Jamppi) is not a consumer and Valve GmbH does not engage in commercial or business activities in Finland.”

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Valve goes on to raise a point against Jamppi for trying to seek justice as a consumer when in reality he is a professional player, saying that Valve GmbH cannot be held accountable as “The applicant has not brought his action in the capacity of being a consumer, nor that the defendant has ever offered, sold, or marketed consumer goods to the plaintiff.”

Finally, Valve has also refuted the fine of €268,092 in damages by replying that they cannot be held liable for the fact that a third-party (OG) did not agree to offer Jamppi an employment contract (sign him as a player for their lineup).

Valve concluded their reply by stating that “The district court should, therefore, dismiss the case as inadmissible before the case incurs further legal costs.”

Jamppi’s lawyer had previously stated that he will be commenting on the matter with a statement on 15th June (yesterday), but it has now been revealed that upon the lawyer’s request additional time has been provided to him. A proper statement is now expected to be made on or before 25th June.

The whole case which is being handled by Jamppi’s father on his behalf had apparently recruited a lawyer who is well-reputed in Finland called Hannu Kalkas. But after the tight response received from Valve, it seems that a lot of rookie mistakes have been committed from Jamppi’s side.

Valve seems to have given a solid reply to each and every accusation made against them, going above and beyond to create a stance where it looks like the case might not at all be valid within the Finnish District Court’s jurisdiction.

Let’s see what response can Jamppi’s side muster before the deadline provided to them. Do they continue their pursuit against Valve or do they decide to call it quits!

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