Weird CS:GO Molotov Bug Damages Players Through Walls

Weird CS:GO Molotov Bug Damages Players Through Walls

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • User finds a bizarre Molotov bug in CS:GO which damages enemy players through solid textures like walls and ceilings.
  • User showcases this weird interaction on Mirage, throwing a Molotov on the ceiling of 'Underpass' to damage players standing directly above between 'Arches' and 'B Short'.
  • The players taking damage can barely see the Molotov's burning effect but do see a faint glow in the affected area.

It has been quite a while since a game-breaking bug has hit CS:GO related to Smoke Grenades that let users see enemies through them, Molotov's that kick users before halftime, and Decoy Grenades that can stop the Overpass train. But we all know that sooner or later a bug has to pop up in CS:GO, earlier today a weird Molotov interaction was revealed by a user on Mirage which damages enemy through solid textures like walls and ceilings.

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Molotov Bug Damages Players Through Walls

A CS:GO user uploaded a video earlier today which showcases a weird Molotov bug on Mirage that damages opponents through solid textures like walls and ceilings. In this particular case, the user can be seen throwing a Molotov on the ceiling of the tunnel (Underpass) that goes through the solid texture to damage players standing above (between B Short and Arches).

User throwing the Molotov on the ceiling of the tunnel can see the roof burning, while the players standing on top of that position takes full damage without actually properly seeing the floor burning. They do see hints of flames every now and then with a bit of a glow around the burning area, but it is definitely not something that obviously stands out.

This is certainly a bizarre interaction which the user has found as Molotov's in CS:GO is not supposed to give damage through solid textures. They surely have a splash effect as the flames generally spread on the surface of objects in the vicinity of its area of impact, but they are not supposed to penetrate through the surface.

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At the moment this is the only spot on Mirage where the bizarre Molotov bug currently seems to work in this manner. But chances are there that such interactions can also be replicated at other positions on different maps. It might not be a bug that could have a huge impact on the gameplay side of things, but it is still something that goes against the rules of engagement for a particular in-game utility.

Hopefully, Valve fixes this particular bug before such an interaction is found on other positions, especially for maps with a vertical setup like Nuke or Vertigo. As those might actually turn out to have a significant impact on the gameplay aspect of CS:GO.

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