Weird CS:GO Bug Kicks Users if Molotov is Thrown Before Halftime

Aditya Singh Rawat
16/Nov/2020 05:01 pm

A new bug has made its way into CS:GO and it seems to be Valve's own creation.
Players don't take damage during halftime freeze but the user throwing the Molotov still gets kicked from the game.
Valve solved a similar bug earlier and somehow that seems to have given birth to this one.

It has been quite some time since a bizarre CS:GO bug has found its way to the top but this time it seems to be a half-drawn solution from Valve that seems to have caused the problem. The weird bug has been called out a couple of times by different users in the past few months and there has been no fix shipped out by the developers so far.

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What Exactly Is This CS:GO Bug?

The bug occurs when a user throws a Molotov or an incendiary grenade at his teammates just before the halftime game freeze. Though a Valve update which was shipped on 27th May states that “Players that are frozen by game logic no longer take damage” it seems that they indeed do still take damage as the user who throws the utility gets kicked from the game for ‘team damage’.

And the weirdest part is that even when the teammates are taking the burn damage from the utility it is not being physically shown on the screen. The HP (Hit Point) of all the players who are burning remain constant but the user who threw it still gets kicked for dealing damage to them.

From the clip above it is pretty evident that during freeze time a user cannot take damage but at the same time they can very well deal damage. It might sound confusing because honestly, this bug is extremely mindboggling.

How Does This CS:GO Bug Occur?

To explain it simply the game doesn’t seem to be registering any damage done to the teammates who are burning while at the same time accumulating the damage that is occurring to them against the user who threw the utility due to which that user gets kicked from the game on the count of ‘team damage’ and his account goes into a ‘cool down period’.

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Taking another look at the statement released by Valve the statement put out by them still holds true but their fix to the previous bug seems to have resulted in this new one which is even more bizarre than the last one.

So far two instances of this bug have been brought to the community’s notice and though it is a rare bug which is limited to a particular scenario it should not be too hard of a fix for Valve.


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