ZywOo Picks Dev1ce Over S1mple as Best CS:GO Player of 2020


ZywOo Picks Dev1ce Over S1mple as Best CS:GO Player of 2020

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • French AWPer ZywOo picks dev1ce over s1mple as the best CS:GO player of 2020.
  • He says that "What Device does for his team is just incredible. And even what he is as a player, I like it."
  • Last year dev1ce had said that "I really think ZywOo deserved to be the best player this year (2019)”.

The race for the best CS:GO player of 2020 is currently going on as the community keeps arguing between Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut. While the competition between the two is about to come to an end soon, ZywOo has come forward to reveal that according to him “Device is the best player of the year (2020)”.

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ZywOo Picks Dev1ce Over S1mple

In a recent interview with 1pv.fr, ZywOo answered multiple questions which were kind of a year-end wrap of 2020. While answering who according to him was the best CS:GO player from last year, it came off as a bit of surprise that he chose the Danish AWPer Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz above the Ukrainian AWPer s1mple who had an incredible 2020 individually.

The is why ZywOo chose dev1ce over s1mple, “To me, Device is the best player of the year, even if s1mple is ahead in terms of stats. What Device does for his team is just incredible. And even what he is as a player, I like it.”

While keeping it short and simple (no pun intended), ZywOo made it clear that what dev1ce brings to the table for Astralis is where the difference lies. Taking a quick look at the Danes’ stats makes it clear that he was indeed crucial to Astralis’ success last year, with an overall rating of 1.20 and an impact rating of 1.26. 

His consistency was remarkable as he did not register a single negative rating in any of the tournaments that he participated in last year despite the numerous roster shuffles that Astralis went through in 2020. This speaks volumes about his performance as he became the team’s anchor through the most turbulent year that the organization had faced in the last couple of years.

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ZywOo who himself plays a similar role for his French side of Vitality definitely draws inspiration from the Dane, which is evident by the last line he says about dev1ce. Another French AWPer who picked dev1ce as his player of the year was Kenny "kennyS" Schrub.

Earlier in an interview with ESL during the last CS:GO tournament of 2020 - IEM Global Challenge, s1mple had revealed that ZywOo was the best AWPer in CS:GO according to him. This was not the only time that s1mple had spoken about ZywOo, as he had stood up in his support during the voting for ‘Esports PC Player Of The Year’ for Esports Awards in October last year.

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