CS:GO Analysts Predict Transfer Value of NiKo From FaZe to G2

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CS:GO Analysts Predict Transfer Value of NiKo From FaZe to G2


  • Analysts from 'Esports Transfers' estimate the transfer value of NiKo.
  • They rate NiKo on the basis of five parameters and conclude that his transfer value is $2,420,000.
  • NiKo was signed by G2 Esports from FaZe Clan in October 2020.

After Cloud9’s General Manager Henry "HenryG" Greer publicly revealed the contract offers of all the CS:GO players signed by the organization, many in the industry thought that this might become a norm going ahead. So when G2 Esports proudly claimed that Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac was “One of the biggest signings in CS:GO History,” many thought that they would soon get the details of the official contract as well, but sadly that never happened.

Now two months later, analysts from ‘Esports Transfers’ have come forward to predict the transfer value of NiKo from FaZe Clan to G2 Esports. They have done an in-depth analysis by judging the Bosnian player across various parameters, which resulted in them predicting NiKo’s transfer value at a whopping $2,420,000 USD.

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Analysts Predict Transfer Value Of NiKo

The analysis done by ‘Esports Transfers’ was showcased via a YouTube video by Ukrainian esports organizer ‘WePlay!’. They have provided a proper explanation as to how they calculated NiKo’s transfer value to be a mind-blowing $2.4 million. Which according to a user “did not feel right” as he rightly pointed out to Patrick “es3tag” Hansen’s $2.1 million contract with Cloud9.

As per the video, NiKo was rated based on five parameters which were: Leadership, Marketability, Consistency, Skills, and Demand. Each of these was further subdivided into smaller categories upon which NiKo was rated “using complex calculations” to ensure that their (Esports Transfers) numbers “matched the real transfer values of the players”.

CS:GO Analysts Predict Transfer Value of NiKo From FaZe to G2

Having analyzed tons of in-game footage and after thoroughly studying all the necessary stats these are the ratings awarded to NiKo for each of the five parameters listed above.

  • Leadership: 89
  • Marketability: 94
  • Consistency: 92
  • Skills: 90
  • Demand: 97

Based on these ratings which have been awarded to NiKo by the analysts after “processing all the important information and taking into account many additional parameters,” they believe NiKo’s transfer value right now is a mind-blowing $2,420,000 USD.

CS:GO Analysts Predict Transfer Value of NiKo From FaZe to G2

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All the information provided has to be taken keeping in mind that it has been calculated by a third party which is not affiliated to any of the organizations or the player directly. They have rated NiKo on their own based on parameters set by them, there is no way to verify if this is actually the player’s transfer value or not.

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