Autimatic Teases CS:GO Community With Possible Valorant Move

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Autimatic teases CS:GO community with a Tweet that hints towards his possible move to Valorant.
  • He had previously stated that he would choose between CS:GO and Valorant after a few weeks.
  • A few CS:GO personalities in the past had even offered to help autimatic move to Europe.

North American CS:GO player Timothy "autimatic" Ta who was recently put on the transfer list by Gen.G Esports along with other members of the lineup has teased playing “a game made by Riot” for the most part of his ongoing player break.

It is no secret that the 24-year-old had previously shown interest in Valorant and was not entirely sure about pursuing a career in CS:GO, specifically stating that “I'll be playing some Valorant in the next coming weeks to try it out and make my decision then.” As the player break is nearing its end and we close in on the beginning of the 2021 circuit, autimatic would soon be making a decision between the two titles.

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Autimatic Teases Possible Valorant Move

The talented North American rifler autimatic recently expressed surprise about the fact that he has spent his entire player break which is still going on playing “a game made by Riot,” which many have taken as a hint that the 24-year-old might have made his decision about which title he wants to pursue moving forward.

Following Gen.G Esports decision to put all members of their CS:GO roster on the transfer list as they were unsure about the competitive CS:GO scene for the upcoming 2021 season, autimatic had stated that “For the time being, I'm looking to stay in CS:GO. I've loved and played this game for more than half of my life and want to continue if I can. However, I'll be playing some Valorant in the next coming weeks to try it out and make my decision then.”

Autimatic Teases CS:GO Community With Possible Valorant Move

Autimatic’s contradictory statements had left the community confused but his recent Tweet teasing that he might have played a lot of Valorant has sparked quite the conversation, as it is one of the games developed by Riot. But not all in the CS:GO community were quick to react as many pointed out that it could be a bait by autimatic, something that the player is notoriously known for. The General Manager of Gen.G Esports - Nathan Stanz commented on his Tweet saying “You’re such a troll LMAO”.

Autimatic Teases CS:GO Community With Possible Valorant Move

For now nothing is confirmed and autimatic himself has not taken a decision between the two titles, so do take all this information with a grain of salt.

Previously both esports talent Frankie Ward and OG Esports rifler Nathan Schmitt had offered to help autimatic relocate to Europe, just so he could continue competing in CS:GO. It will be interesting to see what decision autimatic takes, considering that competitive CS:GO has seen a downward plunge in North America.

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