CS:GO Pro Autimatic to Play Valorant Before Taking a Decision

Aditya Singh Rawat
15/Dec/2020 12:17 pm

Gen.G places its entire CS:GO roster on transfer list.
Autimatic shows interest in continuing as an AWPer in CS:GO but will be playing Valorant in coming weeks.
Only after having played Valorant will autimatic decide where his priority lies.

Earlier today North American - South Korean esports organization Gen.G Esports took a decision to evaluate the competitive CS:GO scene going into 2021. In order to ease pressure on the players, they put all the remaining members of the CS:GO lineup on the transfer list allowing them to explore all options that come their way. 

Timothy "autimatic" Ta was the first to announce his availability and though he did say that continuing as an AWPer in CS:GO either in NA or EU is something he is looking forward to, for “the next coming weeks” he would be playing Valorant.

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CS:GO Pro Autimatic To Play Valorant In Coming Weeks

The 24-year-old North American AWPer/Rifler has announced that he would be playing Valorant in the next coming weeks before making a proper decision about continuing with CS:GO or moving over to compete in the new title.

This announcement did upset a few CS:GO users, sparking off a debate about CS:GO dying in North America as Valorant continues to take over the region. However, autimatic did say that he is still looking to continue playing CS:GO for the “time being” and that AWPing for a team based in NA or EU is something that he is willing to do.

“Just to clear some things up, for the time being, I'm looking to stay in CSGO. I've loved and played this game for more than half of my life and want to continue if I can.”

Many other CS:GO pros were seen wishing him the best for his future, some appreciating his AWPing talents while others nudging him towards Valorant. Immediately after the announcement autimatic was seen enjoying a few games of Valorant along with Braxton "brax" Pierce who currently plays for T1.

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Could this actually be an early hint towards something big? T1 despite being one of the first organizations to sign a Valorant roster in North America has not produced any significant results so far. They are clearly not among the top Valorant teams from the region and maybe a roster shuffle is on the cards for them to improve.

It will be interesting to see how autimatic performs in the coming week and if at the end of it does he return back to CS:GO or does the North American region continue to bleed out. Even if he decides to return back will there be any good offers on the table for him is a big question that would be on the back of his mind.


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