McDonald’s Germany Roasts North American CS:GO Teams

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • McDonald's Germany slams North American CS:GO organizations with a solid roast.
  • The roast goes viral through the entire CS:GO community.
  • NA CS has definitely been hit hard this year with ESL deciding to take steps in order to revive it.

The official Twitter account of McDonald’s Germany 'McDonald's Deutschland' has served North American CS:GO organizations a brutal burn with their recent Twitter post, calling the region a “retirement home” for CS:GO teams which has its own set of perks. 

The viral Tweet has become ground zero for banter between NA and EU CS:GO communities as users, pros, and personalities are hoarding in to join the seemingly endless banter.

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McDonald’s Germany Roasts NA CS:GO Teams

How would you feel if your favourite fast food outlet was to roast your region’s esports teams and organizations? Well, North American CS:GO fans were in for a surprise as the German McDonald’s Twitter account roasted them twice with a single Tweet.

They shared an image which had burned toasts, couple of biscuits, a half-eaten cookie, a cracker, and between them a huge McDonald’s burger with the caption reading “NA rosters after they bought one EU player”.

If this was not enough the Tweet also called out the region for being “basically a retirement home” for CS:GO teams which have a few perks attached to it. A brilliant roast by the German McDonald’s team that was well executed and did a great job of giving them a serious marketing boost.

Edit: Some believe that the second sentence of the Tweet along with the picture was aimed towards the NA LoL (League of Legends) scene instead of the NA CS:GO scene, which makes sense considering that LoL pro Luka "Perkz" Perkovic was recently acquired by Cloud9 (NA org) from G2 Esports (EU org).

It is a well-known fact that the competitive CS:GO scene in North America is suffering at the moment, as the esports side of things has slowly shifted towards Europe during the online phase observed in 2020.

McDonald’s Germany Roasts North American CS:GO Teams

100 Thieves has already fallen a victim of this unexpected shift towards Europe as the North American organization had to exit CS:GO for the second time in its history. Chaos EC was next in line as they too pulled out of Counter-Strike a few months after their in-game leader (IGL) Joshua "steel" Nissan shifted to pursue a career in Valorant.

McDonald’s Germany Roasts North American CS:GO Teams

Popular Canadian streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has also made a comment on this subject saying that NA CS is dying, for which he received a lot of hate at the time. Having noticed all this, ESL a few weeks back decided to improve the situation for the North American CS:GO teams by giving the region a better structure and more qualifying slots.

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