CS:GO Community Requests a New Device Graffiti From Valve

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Dev1ce takes an incredible ace against Team Liquid in the finals of IEM Global Challenge 2020.
  • CS:GO community and Astralis request Valve for the addition of a new graffiti.
  • Team Liquid says they would love to see the graffiti.

Astralis despite having a turbulent 2020 managed to finish the year in the same way they started it out, as the number one ranked CS:GO team in the world. But this achievement was overshadowed by another which came off Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz’ AWP against Team Liquid on Dust 2, prompting a massive request from the CS:GO community to Valve for a new graffiti.

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CS:GO Community Requests Valve For A New Graffiti

Playing the 23rd round on Dust 2 against Team Liquid in the grand final of IEM Global Challenge 2020, dev1ce found himself trapped at ‘A Car’ with three players coming towards him from long while one sneaked from short.

Having already taken one kill, dev1ce entered ‘The Zone’ as he took down another player at long. Liquid now knowing his position threw a Molotov to flush him out but instead dev1ce took down the player flanking from short and then just before going down shot down the remaining two players with a single bullet to complete his ace.

This mind-blowing moment is certainly going down as one of the most incredible plays in CS:GO history. Instantly the entire CS:GO community was on Reddit requesting Valve to introduce a new graffiti to commemorate this outstanding effort by dev1ce which had the perfect balance of luck and skill.

The Danish organization themselves took to Twitter requesting the CS:GO developers to “make a certain AWP’er very happy by doodling up a little graffiti by the car on Dust 2 long”. Knowing Valve and how strict they can be about certain things, it certainly does not seem like a plausible reality that they would add a graffiti for this play no matter how fantastic it was simply because it was not a Major.

CS:GO Community Requests a New Device Graffiti From Valve

With every good decision there comes, a bit of a backlash and same was the case over here as a few members of the CS:GO community debated whether this moment was actually worthy of a graffiti or not. Team Liquid have given their approval saying that “As much as I hated to see it, I’d love to see it.” Now, the ball is in Valve’s court!

CS:GO Community Requests a New Device Graffiti From Valve

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