Bizarre System Error Changes CS:GO C4 Code to ‘Kappa’

Bizarre System Error Changes CS:GO C4 Code to ‘Kappa’

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO user accidently changes the C4 code from '7355608' to 'Kappa'.
  • It turns out to be a system related error inflicted by the user himself sometime in the past.
  • Before it used to be possible for CS:GO users to customize their C4 code.

CS:GO regularly faces weird bugs and random glitches which allows users to sometimes see-through smokes and at times turns them into a C4 momentarily. But what if a random program or plugin installed by a user permanently changes their C4 code from ‘7355608’ to ‘KAPPA’. Would you consider that as a problem or a slight custom improvement?

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CS:GO C4 Code Randomly Changes To ‘Kappa’

A certain CS:GO player ‘u/AstroZex’ recently shared with the CS:GO community this problem where his C4 code has been showcasing ‘KAPPA’ since the last 3-4 years after he had installed something on his computer. An image shared by him shows the regular C4 code ‘7355608’ written as ‘KAPPA’ and while this is not a game-breaking issue it does make one wonder why it might be the case.

Bizarre System Error Changes CS:GO C4 Code to ‘Kappa’

The user finally decided to dig deep and truly find out the reason behind this problem when he noticed that while using programs like notepad++, MySQL, and more, the number zero kept showing up as the ‘Kappa Face’.

Bizarre System Error Changes CS:GO C4 Code to ‘Kappa’

The community was quick to help him out as they figured out it was a problem related to ‘System Fonts’ and one can simply undo it by loading up a backup if the user has one. An old video on the same problem was shared by a user which actually shines a light on this issue.

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It seems this is not a random error or in fact a problem at all, maybe sometime in the past the user had followed this tutorial to change his C4 code to ‘Kappa’ and had forgotten all about it. Having found a possible solution to this problem, many members of the community never really saw this as an issue in the first place.

As per the tutorial which is now outdated CS:GO users could have actually modified their bomb code to whatever they wanted to keep simply by following a few easy steps. This would not have ‘VAC Banned’ a user as it was a client-side command, so the user who had implemented this change on their own system could view the bomb code this way.

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