Valve Might Host Just One CS:GO Major in 2021, Won’t Return to Brazil

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  • Only one CS:GO Major might take place in 2021 as Valve reportedly scraps plans for Spring Major 2021.
  • The Fall Major 2021 will be taking place somewhere in Europe from late Oct to early Nov.
  • Valve will not be returning to Brazil for the next CS:GO Major following the cancellation of ESL One: Rio 2020.

It seems Valve will only be hosting one CS:GO Major next year in 2021 as the developers of the game have reportedly cancelled all plans for hosting the Spring Major, which was initially planned to take place from 10th - 23rd May 2021. 

This means that the CS:GO community will have to wait almost an entire year before they witness the next Major in the fall of 2021. As per reports, it will be taking place somewhere in Europe despite Valve stating that they would return to Brazil after the cancellation of ESL One: Rio 2020.

Valve Might Host Just One CS:GO Major in 2021, Won’t Return to Brazil

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Valve Reportedly Cancels Spring Major 2021

As per a report by HLTV, Valve has decided to scrap all plans for the first Major of 2021 which was initially planned to take place in the month of May. The decision seems to have been taken in light of the current global health situation which has cancelled multiple CS:GO tournaments this year.

It seems that Valve will directly be hosting a Major in Fall 2021 for which they have already partnered up with a tournament organizer and also lined up a venue somewhere in Europe. The Fall Major 2021 is currently scheduled to take place from 25th October - 7th November with the play-in event taking place on 23rd - 24th October.

Original Date
Modified Date
Spring Major 2021
10th - 23rd May 2021
Fall Major 2021
1st - 14th November 2021
25th Oct - 7th Nov 2021

Next Major Will Not Take Place In Brazil

Originally Valve had planned to conduct the Fall Major 2021 tournament from 1st - 14th November while also promising earlier this year in September that they will be returning to Brazil with a CS:GO Major “as soon as a return for an in-arena Major is safe for everyone involved!”

Valve Might Host Just One CS:GO Major in 2021, Won’t Return to Brazil

As per the report, the next scheduled Major might not be the one that will take place in Brazil as a possible European venue is already being discussed upon. If this Major ends up taking place in Europe it would be the fourth consecutive CS:GO Major that takes place in the region following FACEIT Major: London 2018, IEM Katowice 2019, and StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.

The competitive CS:GO scene in 2020 had transitioned to an online circuit around March and still continues to be conducted that way. Tournament organizers did try multiple times to come back to LAN based tournaments but every time the plans had to scrapped at the last possible minute.

2020 became the first year since 2013 that did not witness a single CS:GO Major being hosted in the calendar year as ESL One: Rio 2020 which was originally scheduled to take place in May was postponed once before finally being cancelled on 9th September.

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